Why Is It Important To Choose Trustworthy Council Tax Advisor?

26 August of 2014

Smooth functioning of the Councils depends much upon sufficient funds for carrying out different tasks for welfare of the citizens. As such various taxes are levied upon them that are to be paid either in lump sum or through installments. Few people often fail to make the tax payments in time for which the councils often send Bailiffs for recovery of the pending payments from them. Such persons are duly authorized to collect the dues. Many citizens get confused about the bailiffs’ powers for which the services of the council tax advisors are necessary. They guide the people about their rights with bailiff problems. It is important to choose the reliable council tax advisors as they are advantageous in many ways. 

Apt Advice – The trustworthy council tax advisors advise you in appropriate manners about your rights when you face any problems with the bailiffs. They will guide you whether to allow or prevent the bailiffs to enter your house if he or she comes for recovery of the tax dues. It is not necessary to permit them to come into your house by force. Few people may be afraid to see them at their door steps. However, the reliable council tax advisors suggest that it is not necessary to permit them to come into the house.

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Response to the bailiffs’ call – The council tax advisors suggest that you should not open the door as and when any bailiff visits your house. You can reply to their calls through the chained doors, windows or the letter box.

Forceful entry – Through the bailiffs are not supposed to enter your house by force, yet they can do so when they are ordered by the court of law. Still they can enter the house in a peaceful manner and not by pushing the door or breaking the windows etc, say the trustworthy council tax advisors.

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Different rules – The council tax advisors make the citizens understand about the rules relating to the bailiff’s visits and the appropriate timings of their visits. 

Possession of belongings – The trustworthy council tax advisors guide the citizens about their rights with bailiff problems related to taking away of few items from their houses. In case they have entered the house, they may take few items. But if they are not allowed then they can take away the items lying outside the house such as car or other valuable items. It is recommended that the citizens should consult the reliable council tax advisors.

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Different charges – The council tax advisors guide the citizens about the different charges that are collected by the bailiffs on their visits to the house. It includes the amount that they are allowed to collect after the case is passed from the local authority. Other charges include the enforcement fees that is payable by the citizens on the first visit of the bailiffs. Other charges relate to the removal and sale of the goods taken by the bailiffs if the citizens fail to pay their council taxes.

Hiring the trustworthy council tax advisors is beneficial for the citizens for different issues related to the rights with bailiff problems.


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