15 Business Benefits Of Virtual Offices

26 February of 2015

Once you have decided to take the plunge of starting your own business, the next step is deciding on where to locate it. There are several options available and you should choose one that best suits your requirements and business model. With the advancement in technology, we now have virtual offices which allow you to operate without a dedicated space. In the luxury of your homes, you can have access to all the facilities that a regular office provides. Following are some of the business benefits.

Affordable and Cost Effective

Those startups which are entering the market with low initial capital can immensely benefit from a virtual office arrangement. There are no leasing costs or rental payments to be made which would otherwise have to be paid in a regular office.

Dedicated Address

Virtual office providers give u a corporate mailing address which is important for potential clients who want to reach you.

Business Telephone Number

Most packages also provide a direct phone line and number which is used solely for business purpose. This sends a professional image which speaks volumes for the business.

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Dedicated Email Address

Most virtual office providers also give u a separate email address that can be used for business activities.

Fax Facilities

A separate extension is listed for fax options that can be utilized as per the client’s needs and requirements.

Meeting Space

Suppose you are located in Malaysia and need to meet up with a customer in Indonesia, the virtual office provider will organize a meeting room for you. This can be arranged beforehand by booking the place in advance.

Live Receptionist

Having a receptionist who is also bilingual can play an important role for the image of your business. They would be answering your calls and taking messages. This way, the professional image of your company can be enhanced.

Access to Company Lounges

Companies have dedicated business lounges which can provide the perks of working in a regular business setup. You can get a number of hours per week for each client depending on the package you pick.

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Lower Labour Costs

The payroll costs are significantly lower because people working for you are not obliged to use transport or pay for café meals. Therefore, they work for less in the comfort of their homes and have flexibility in time.

Video Conferencing Options

A certain amount of infrastructure is required to build a video conference room. Virtual office providers have the technology and facilities that enable you to conduct video conference meetings without any hassle or additional expense.

Bundled Package

Websites such as http://www.servcorp.com.my/en/virtual-offices also offer a number of packages with varying options for their clients. They can choose from amongst the communications package, address package and meeting packages and bundle it in a way which suits them. This means that you can get your own virtual office that has been specifically designed to cater to your business needs.

Flexibility to Upgrade

You can increase your staff by 1 to 20 without having to incur any additional overhead costs that are associated with hiring and retaining employees. For instance, you will not be required to buy a desk or a separate station for them.

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Access to Worldwide Talent

At your doorstep, people from all backgrounds and qualifications become part of your talent pool whereby you can choose them based on your specific requirements. The bonus is that most are willing to work for less because of working from their own convenience.

Technological Cost Benefits

While operating remotely, you have the option of choosing the technological devices that are most suitable for you and your business. In other words, you are not obliged to use the hardware and software provided by your company only. This may help you save technological costs to a great extent.

Productivity of Employees

Undoubtedly, having productive employees is of immense benefit to any organization. Since the physical work environment can provide unnecessary distractions and political drama, the overall efficiency of employees may increase by using your virtual office.


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