Why Should Small Merchants Shift to SumUp

24 September of 2018

Business has never been made easier for small merchants. Today, there so many handy gadgets on the market designed to change the lives of every entrepreneur and SumUp is one of them. Imagine operating a credit card reader which charges no flat fee, and what’s more? You can move from place to place with it in your pockets. It sounds like a mere fantasy right? But today, it is a real and SumUp is now live in the United States. It is already a reality and a dream come true for most small business owners.

What exactly is SumUp?

SumUp can be categorized in the travel credit card readers. It allows you to accept credit cards in a secure and quick way. The customers get to choose how they want to use it. For example, if a customer has the app on the phone or tablet device, you can go with that. If they have the credit card in hand, then well and good, you can work with that. You will never have to turn the customer away due to the lack of a means of payment.

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The workers can carry the credit card readers door to door or from one client to the next. For example, in a restaurant, the employees can move with it from one table to the next collecting payment. A code is created for every single payment and sent to the card owner for verification. SumUp has been designed with customers needs in mind and therefore, it aims at enhancing speed, simplicity and maximum security.

The POS mobile services are no longer for the big companies only. The young and growing business owners can now enjoy the benefits that come with the POS system ensuring that the small merchants are complying with the privacy law when reading credit cards. How will SumUp be of help to those who choose to shift to it?

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Quick transactions

SumUp credit card reader is compatible with a variety of credit and debit cards which include MasterCard, Visa and Maestro and it can be used fast when making simple transactions. For example, in a case of a beverage shop, one does not have to carry cash around to enjoy that drink.


 The card terminal does not involve any monthly costs and contracts that could be a burden to small businesses. Payment made through this device is guaranteed, secured and reliable which minimizes any chances of theft. The flat charges are just 1.69% without any hassles of extra costs.

It can be carried anywhere

The gadget comes with a long-lasting battery and you can, therefore, take it with you to wherever you wish and payments will still be done. This is beneficial both for you and your customers as it enhances convenience. It is chargeable and you, therefore, do not have to worry about downtime when there is no power as long as the battery is well charged.

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The bottom line is, choosing to use SumUp with highly help you attract more customers, retain the old ones and help your business grow. People love spending at a place where they feel that their needs are taken good care of. It will help you stay ahead of your competitors and in return increase your sales.  Technology is advancing and consumers are ahead too and it feels like the merchants are pulling them behind.

The world has gone digital and having cash in hand is becoming outdated. If you want more people to come shopping at your place, why don’t you shift to digital payment and see the tremendous changes? Just go to SumUp.com and get started.


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