4 Ways to Spruce Up a Fixer-Upper

15 September of 2018

Even with fall in full swing, it’s not the time to let our spring-cleaning mojo dwindle. Everyone talks about sprucing up their homes as a part of spring — new season, new beginnings, new home — but that does not mean you can’t spruce up your fixer-upper anytime. Here are four ways you can easily and effectively spruce up your home now!

Change the Small Details

One way you can effectively spruce up your fixer-upper is to change small details within your home. Without going crazy on your renovations, you can take a look at what small changes you can make to improve the overall atmosphere.

For example, that crown molding from the 1990s was cute, but it now makes your home feel like a grandma’s house. Update the crown molding or fixtures in your home so that it looks a bit more modern or at least up-to-date with your current taste. There are plenty of cost-effective ways that you can update these small details. For instance, crown molding can easily be nailed into a surface or applied using other methods that don’t require tearing up your wall.

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Fix Up the Basement and Attic

Another investment that may spruce up your home is a renovation of your basement or attic. For many individuals, basements and attics may be used for storage rather than recreational activities. If your home is feeling a bit drab, consider vamping up one of these spaces to include fun items like couches, televisions, or even a pool table.

If you are someone who has recently experienced damage to one of these two areas, either by weather, termites or other unforeseen incidents, renovations may be a necessary cost. According to Water Damage Defense, 98 percent of American basements experience some form of water damage during their lifespan. This is an opportunity to benefit off of a cost you’ll have to pay for anyways. If your basement floods, basement foundation repair may be necessary. As you consider installing foundation jacks and other conoonents of the job, why not see this as a chance to make more than just foundational repairs and turn your basement into a space that you can use and enjoy daily.

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Look into Acquiring New Furniture or Appliances

Looking into new furniture may also liven up your current abode. If you’ve had the same musty old couch since graduating college, consider saving up and dropping cash on new furniture items. Though furniture can get pricey, relying on websites like Wayfair and stores like Home Goods (which offer affordable alternatives and annual sales) could help you refresh your home. This may not be a large overhaul of your house, but it gives you the chance to make small moves towards the look of your dreams for your home. And if you are really too worried about the overall cost of new furniture and appliances, you could have the older or damaged goods repaired. There are companies that specialize in refrigerator repair in Portland, Chicago, Indianopolis, or whatever you’re based — hiring a professional  is an easy enough task, will cost much less than buying a brand-new refrigerator, and is an effective way to make your kitchen look newer.

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Consider Larger Renovations

If small renovations will not solve your problem, you may want to consider investing in and saving up for larger renovations. This will definitely be pricier than just buying new furniture incrementally; however, it may resolve qualms you have with your home and its look.

Large renovations may include an overhaul of your kitchen, with a new median, matching cabinets and appliances, and a paint job. Or a large renovation could mean treating yourself to a walk-in closet attached to the bathroom. Either way, you’ll want to assess the cost of these desired renovations and map out how to save up money over time to achieve these goals. Though this seems daunting, don’t be afraid to try it and go after the home of your dreams. Just be sure to have the funds to back up this project; you don’t want to put yourself in debt.

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