Using Software to Protect Your Trucking Business

24 September of 2018

Without trucking companies, it would be near-impossible for our far-flung population to get food and essentials, much less leisure and luxury products. Commerce would grind to a halt without truckers, and huge populations would be at risk. So when you run a trucking company, you do very important work — you take on risks and manage complex tasks while making normal life possible for countless people. It’s not easy, but it can be a bit more manageable if you’re savvy about your use of modern software solutions.

Risks and difficulties in trucking

Organizing a fleet and managing shipping routes, costs, and potential problems is no easy task. There are a lot of things that can go wrong, and they can make the job very difficult for you and your company. For one thing, of course, fleets are expensive. A single truck cab can cost north of $100,000. And the massive loads that shipping companies handle are worth big bucks, making them precious cargo in a very literal sense!

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Trucking companies expose themselves to legal liabilities, too. There are about 10 million car accidents every year in the United States alone. When your company has trucks on the road virtually around the clock, even the safest and best drivers can be at risk of eventually getting unlucky and ending up in an accident. On top of the costs of repairs and insurance premiums, your company could face legal risks following an accident. Car accidents are a common starting point for personal injury lawsuits. Individuals who have been maimed through no fault of their own have a right to be compensated, and court awards and settlements can be the result of such circumstances.

Vital responsibilities

Combating these risks means being constantly on top of your own responsibilities. It means managing schedules and shipping routes with safety and driver fatigue in mind. It means keeping up with maintenance and repairs on your fleet. It means making sure that your company is properly protected by insurance policies and other safeguards.

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That’s because making a mistake related to these responsibilities can mean increased risk for your business. Take truck repair and fleet maintenance, for instance: Unaddressed problems with a truck in your fleet can lead to an accident, which could in turn lead to legal liability issues and, perhaps, personal injury lawsuits (not to mention workers’ compensation issues and other intra-company legal problems).

You need to be on top of your responsibilities at all times — and software can help.

How software can help your business

Let’s face it: life is more complicated than it used to be. Our modern world is fast-moving and full of technological concerns, changing business landscapes, and legal and administrative red tape. You need more than a pen and paper to run a business these days, which is why you should use software to organize your business.

Investing in software solutions that cater specifically to trucking businesses is your best bet. This makes life much easier: heavy-duty truck repair shop software, for example, keeps things straight for truck repair shops and ensures that nothing falls through the cracks in terms of truck maintenance. Every company in trucking and related businesses can benefit from carefully tracking each vehicle’s maintenance needs, managing shipping schedules, marking tasks and jobs (and their completion status), and other software perks that can be used to track, verify, or remind you and your employees of what needs to be done.

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Software can also be used to manage hiring and employees. Getting well-trained specialists on the job can be crucial: For instance, assert experts at an automotive and diesel technology college in New York, an unqualified mechanic can make a mistake that can endanger truckers on the road.

In this modern business landscape, trucking-related companies just can’t afford to go it alone. Use software to give your business the power to perform — and to protect itself.


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