5 High Tech Features Your Next Car Needs To Have

01 March of 2018

Automotive technology is making leaps and bounds ever year, in everything from automatic driving capabilities to high tech safety features. Cars have cameras, smart device integration, and many other advanced components that can reduce the risk of human error and make driving an easier, safer, more enjoyable experience. If you’re driving an older car, you might be missing out on the amazing things you can expect newer cars to be doing for you these days. If it’s about time for you to start thinking about upgrading to a newer, better vehicle, here are a few of the high tech features you should be looking for your next automobile purchase to offer.

  1. Self-Driving Capability

The latest thing we’ve come to be able to expect from cars is the ability to drive themselves. If you’re terrible at parallel parking, you can let the car take care of it for you, and automatic collision detection and braking can be a life-saving feature. Cars that drive themselves completely while we kick back and read a book are still a few years off, but in the meantime, situational self-driving features can be awfully useful.

  1. Device Connectivity

The “Internet of Things” has come to your car, and you can expect it to talk to your smartphone and other devices to entertain your passengers, provide wifi, hook you up with navigation services, stream your Spotify playlists, and so much more.

  1. Camera Vision

The cars have eyes these days. With cameras to check your blind spot while merging, cameras that give you a full rear view while backing up, and security cameras that keep an eye on the car’s surroundings while it’s parked, you have so many more ways to see what’s going on around you and use that visual information to drive more safely and confidently.

  1. Voice Control

Have you always wanted to be able to talk to your car? Maybe you already do, but it doesn’t respond back. Newer cars, however, can hear your voice commands, freeing you up to control dashboard features that otherwise would have required hands-on fiddling that can take your attention away from the road and lead to accidents.

  1. Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication

Okay, so you can talk to your car now. How about a car that can talk to other cars? “V2V” technology means car can share information with each other about traffic, road conditions, and anything else that might be useful for their drivers to be aware of. It may seem a little strange to think about your car talking to other vehicles on the road, but the goal is to improve safety for everyone on the road.

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Not every car you shop for will have all of these features, so you’ll have to research your car purchase carefully to make sure the car models you’re interested in purchasing have the high tech features you want. The more high tech cars hit the road, the more they’ll be able to utilize their features to create a safer, more efficient, and more comfortable driving experience for everyone, so look forward to a bright future of high tech cars changing road travel for the better!


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