Coolest Tech Features for Cars and Trucks – Budget-Friendly Options

05 March of 2018

With the advancements in the field of technology, automakers are continuously adding a host of new tech features to cars and other vehicles and they are being so fast in doing this that the customers and the dealers are finding it tough to stay on top of the news. For the cars and especially the trucks, there have been many areas which needed improvement so as to make the process of driving easier, convenient and safer.

There are few innovations that are currently making their debut in trucks and cars and they offer a few convenience and safety benefits. They depict that technology will not stand still, particularly when you’re trying to merge the highway within your morning routine.

Seats which warm, cool and massage you

Well, this might not be a life’s necessity but when you climb into your car on a hot sunny day or on a sub-zero morning, you will understand how these become important. Cooled and heated seats are no new technology and those seats which massage the occupants have recently gained enough momentum. There are few domestic vehicles which have massage seats which include the 2016 Cadillac Escalade Premium, 2017 Ford Explorer Platinum and few more. There are few other imported cars which have deflated and inflated air chambers as well.

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Cars which are smartphone savvy

No, it is not that you have to purchase a new car in order to use your smartphone in the best way. Majority of the late-model cars have leveraged the Apple CarPlay and Android Auto features. With Android Auto, you can simplify the way in which an Android smartphone connects, thereby making plug-and-play effortlessly easy. The interface will also allow voice command or controls of steering wheel. Most of the 2017 manufactured cars have these features and hence you can choose among them.

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Onboard weighing systems for checking the load of the vehicle

There are times when trucks or heavy-duty vehicles are caught on road and penalized due to carrying weight that surpasses the actual limit. This often leads to loss of stock as the authorities throw off loads in order to bring your vehicle to carry the actual load amount within the limit. They may even take you to the nearest weighbridge to weigh the vehicle before they leave you. With the onboard weighing systems which you get from, you can weight your vehicle on the spot and avoid being rushed to the nearest weighbridge to get the accurate weight done.

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More options to assist drivers

If you’re one such driver who can’t wait to leverage the options for autonomous driving, there are more of those late-model vehicles which have semi-autonomous driving features in their cars. You get the warning systems while changing lanes and there are parking sensors as well. Ford Mustang GT 2016 will be an ideal option if you’re looking for high-performance cars with parking sensors.

Therefore, when you’re thinking of the latest technologies that are going to be brought in to the world of cars and trucks, the above mentioned ones should be certainly taken into account.


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