Wimbledon 2015: Who To Watch

16 July of 2015

Well after what was an absolute fantastic fortnight of tennis, I think it’s time that we do a recap over some of the amazing games we have seen over the last two weeks – especially that Federer vs Djokovic final! Still in the Wimbledon mood? Don’t panic, we are carrying on with the pimms, champagne, strawberries and cream too! I mean it was so spectacular, why should we not carry on the celebrations?

First things first let’s have a closer look at the women’s tennis this year and see exactly what Serena Williams was up against:

Maria Sharapova: If you didn’t see her, then I’m sure that you will have at least heard her. The grunting that was taking place in that match actually caused people to complain – if you have no idea what I mean, please then Google it, I promise you won’t regret it! Despite the loud noises, Maria played fantastically, with her holding the world number 2 position, it was no surprise when Serena beat her in two sets in the semi-finals.

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Heather Watson: Watson is relatively new on the scene of professional tennis, with a young age of 23, we certainly haven’t seen the best from her yet. Being ranked number 59 in the world and British number 1, she certainly gave Serena a run for her money in the semi-finals

Garbiñe Muguruza: Who is currently ranked number 9 in the world, is clearly one to watch as she played a terrific match in the final against Serena, even though she didn’t managed to beat the world number one, she certainly gave her a run for her money. Keep watching this one!

Next, I think it is about time that we move on to talk about that men’s final? Well if you didn’t manage to watch it because you were on a tennis holiday yourself! Then these are the highlights from the finale matches.

Andy Murray: The nations sweetheart who unfortunately got knocked out in the semi’s by Roger Federer (and can we just say, that Federer was on fire that match, it’s fair to say that Murray didn’t stand much of a chance!). After the fantastic win in 2013 for Murray we had high hopes for him, although he didn’t play badly, he just wasn’t quite good enough to reach the finals. There’s always next year Murray!

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Roger Federer: The Swiss professional player is ranked number 2 in the world, and Wimbledon has certainly shown why. His match against Murray in the semi-finals was full of aces, slams and 130 mph serves – Murray stood no chance against this power house, he was certainly on fire that day. Again, in the final against Djokovic, he too played a very good game. Although many would argue that he actually played much better again Murray than Djokovic. Despite not quite winning the title, he was a worthy runner up and I’m sure will already be in training for the Us open in a couple of weeks’ time.

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Gilles Simon: A French player who is currently ranked at number 13 in the world is quickly rising up the ranks, despite being knocked out in the quarter finals by Roger Federer. He is certainly one to watch for next year!

Despite the trials, the world number, once again proved his title and Novak Djokovic took home the golden cup along with the 2015 Wimbledon Champion (not to mention the 1.9 million either!). I cannot wait for the excitement of next year! Neither can you? Well then make sure you tune into the US open, grand slam, which begins 31st August and runs for two weeks. Watch some of your favourite players all over again and stock up on the pimms – because the summer of tennis has only just begun!


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