5 Rummy Moves You Should Master For A Big Win

24 August of 2018

The Indian rummy has been a game full of strategies and applied tactics. It has never gone outdated since ages. Right from playing with cards physically to playing the game online, it has always been a source of entertainment to the players. In fact, the online system has also emerged out to be a source of additional income along with the enjoyment. The top five secrets about the game are out.

Here are the 5 secrets revealed in simple words about what every player should do when playing rummy online at Khelplay Rummy to make a big win.

  1. Follow the Bluff Strategy

Bluffing is a strategy is the most useful when you know the opposite player has a card that you need. In the classic rummy, bluffing allows you to show your opponent what you have in your hand that you, in reality, do not. Since you keep an eye on the opponents’ cards, the opponent does the same with you. So to make sure the rival does not catch you with the right cards, you need to bluff.

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For example, when you pull a card from the discard pile, even if you do not need it, you can take it for yourself. This will make the opponent will that you are making a sequence related to the card drawn and may end up discarding something you actually wanted

5 Rummy Moves You Should Master For A Big Win

  1. Identify Your Opponent’s Card Sequence

This is another big strategy to follow. Let us explain this strategy to you with an example. Suppose you drop the 10 of hearts and the opponent picks it up, you can predict the related cards the rival needs. Now in the next turn, discarding a 9 or a Jack or a Queen card of the heart suite would not be a feasible option since it might give the player an opportunity to create a sequence. Identifying your opponent’s card sequence in a rummy patti game becomes more comfortable when you know what sort of cards the opponent is drawing or picking up.

  1. Bait and Trap
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This is another strategy you must follow to make a big win at rummy. There are times when you need just one card to complete a sequence. Like you may have an Ace, Queen and Jack of spade and you just need a King to complete the sequence. You may then try to discard Ace or Jack of spade to bait the rival. When the opponent realises that you have dropped the card, he/she might feel that you have not been making a pure sequence with the spades near to the discarded card. And this is likely to help you get the required playing card games and knock a big win.

  1. Use the Joker

A joker can be a great help in finishing a sequence/set where you needed just one card and failed to have it. Thus, do not discard it by mistake, until and unless you have too many jokers, which obstruct your chances of forming a pure sequence.

  1. Remove the Duplicates
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Duplicate cards are not of much help. It is better to get rid of them as soon as possible. Even if your opponent declares before you, you can make sure that you do not lose with a big number of points. Thus, this is an ultimate rummy move to consider making sure if you do not have the win, the loss is again not a bad one.

This online13 card rummy game is all about following correct strategies and developing your skills to grab a win. Apply the above-mentioned tactics in your daily rummy play and improve yourself in the game. These strategies further contribute to the concentration levels and are an excellent source of making your mind work analytically.


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