6 Essentials For Your Vintage ‘Wedding’ Affair

16 December of 2016

‘Old is gold’ and no matter which century we live in, we aspire for vintage ideas and artifacts in our era. The crucial events like wedding, you want to make it special to be an eternal memory of your life. Mens who crave for style and quirkiness spontaneously in their weddings, vintage marriage is their option.

Weddings has to be special, an inevitable memory to rejoice as you grow old together. Make it a vintage ceremony and a must attend affair. Every single thing should smell vintage, be it bridal clothes or the invitation card, not even compromise on the wedding venue .

Here are few tips to do for a special vintage marriage

1. Start with a vintage invitation

Let your guest get the knack of it, tell them with a vintage invitation card for your wedding. Choose an authentic wedding card and jot down your guest list, start delivering.

  • Vintage Save the date: A vintage motif and old lettering styles that just give a glimpse of next events to follow. Selected cards design for your wedding can serves as starters to the big event.
  • Vintage stamps: Use original vintage stamp on every wedding stationery, let them scream ‘vintage’ to your guest.
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2. Vintage ideas for bride

Done with the wedding card, now it’s turn to dress your bride in vintage colors.

Vintage bridal dress: Your bride is the VIP in the marriage and she should look like the historical queen dressed as if attending some high affair. A vintage bridal dress with long veils trailing the entire floor, accompanied by light red lipstick, and you’re ready for the big event. Champagne bridal dress are most preferred with T length highlighting your brides good looks.  

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Wild flower bouquet: When your brides walks, make her hold a bouquet of softly hued fresh wild flowers.

Vintage accessories: For more novelty to the customary event, brides can use add some extra elements like a vintage earring, a vintage necklace, vintage style shoes, a hand  bangle and a cloche.

Bridesmaid dress: Dress them to feel like yesteryears with simple gowns filtered from vintage collection.

3. A Vintage seventies Groom

It’s your special day, make it vintage with a cutaway tuxedo coat, and a vintage footwear. Complete the look with a vintage watch on your wrist and a boutonniere.

Surround yourself with vintage Groomsmen: The men’s who will accompany your walk towards the bride, make the whole surrounding walk vintage. Add a lot of breathtaking elements like a vintage wedding, complemented by vintage inspired tuxedo and  boutonniere. Or you can try leather suspenders, floral bow with a vintage-inspired waistcoat.

4. Vintage hairstyle and makeup

Vintage dressing complemented by vintage hairstyle and makeup are a must for weddings. Try some seventies handsome men’s hairstyles that look appealing. A red pout with a dramatic eyeliner and thin eyebrows add the oomph factor.

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5. Everything else in wedding-Vintage

Every main element that catches the attention is set to flaunt the vintage feel, but don’t miss the detailing. Whether be it the ring or chairs and  tables, make them participate in the wedding.

Rings: Go for vintage rings, both for you and your partner. Get a custom made vintage ring, try European-cut or filigree ring, whichever suitable according to the theme.   

6. Vintage venue

Time for the final touch, the wedding venue and other details like transportation, backdrop, decoratives, liquor table, table dressing and centerpiece, signs and reception decor. Make them sing the vintage songs.



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