An Introduction To MemberPress Plug-in

16 February of 2015

In the present times, WordPress has emerged as one of the best CMS for creating a website. Nowadays most of the people rely on this platform, owing to the superb features and excellent security that makes a difference. WordPress also offers a variety of plug-ins that not only reduces the effort of managing your site but provides other necessary features which you might be looking for.

One such plug-in that has been recently introduced is the MemberPress which is specifically meant for the membership sites. If you have a membership site of your own and want to make it friendlier, this plug-in can definitely prove useful in this concern. With its help, you can easily create unique pricing pages and manage it in a better way.

If you haven’t heard about this plug-in before, let us provide you more information.

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MemberPress Plug-in

MemberPress plug-in is meant for the membership sites. It is software cum tool through which you can create a list of products, manage their pricing, see which products are sold and lots more. You can also set up restrictions on the posts present on the site, information that will be seen by the visitors, tags and lots more.

How to get Started?

In order to get started with this tool, you will have to first install the software. During the installation you will be asked to provide the payment gateway information so that the same can be set up. Enter the details that are asked, once you provide the information you will be able to set up the plug-in on your computer and create the best membership site in few minutes.

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With the help of this plug-in, you will be able to manage the products in a better way and also add new themes to the pricing pages. You will have full control on your site so that you can cancel the subscriptions of the people; manage the payments and lots more. By integrating this plug-in, you will be able to enjoy countless benefits thereby developing full confidence to run your business. You can even generate coupons for your business and promote it. You can decide the validity of the coupons, who will be using and how many times etc. If you wish to customize them, you are free to do so.

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Purchasing the Plug-in

If you are really satisfied with the features of the MemberPress, you can buy it now at a very reasonable price. There are two versions of this software; one is the business edition which is available at a price of $99 while the other is the developer edition which can be purchased at a cost of $199. As the name indicates, the business edition is meant for the professionals who are running their own business while the developer edition is for the developers who create websites for their clients. Both have different features, so go through once and then decide which edition will be best suited for you.

Hope the MemberPress plug-in proves beneficial in managing your business in a proper manner.


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