Trigana Air Service flight goes missing with 54 people on board

23 February of 2016

On Sunday, 54 passengers boarded the Trigana Air Service flight for Oksibil from the Jayapura’s Sentani Airport. The flight was supposed to last for 54 minutes but reports indicate that it lost contact with the air traffic control when it reached the Papua province. It is said to have lost contact 33 minutes after takeoff.  According to the statement that was given by JA Barata, the spokesman for Transportation Ministry is that it did not seem that a distress call had been made.


As the investigations and the search mission is ongoing, it is not yet clear what could have led to the plane missing with no indication of a distress call. No confirmation has been made about the status of the flight with five children, 44 adults and five crew members on board. According to news on cnbc europe live stream online is that the search mission will include both ground and air operations.

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Initially news on business channel is that a search had already begun on Sunday but due to the terrible weather, it was called off. Although the terrain was a big challenge for the rescue mission, the plane was recovered in Papua although no details have been released. Due to the statue of the airline, Trigana Air Service cannot operate in the European’s airspace as it is considered to be unsafe as per a statement from the European Commission. The recent disappearance of the plane has brought to a total of three flights that have gone missing in the last two years in Asia. Another sad news has come from Asia too where

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In the eastern side of Baghdad in the neighborhood of Souk Jameela, a truck had been loaded with explosives according to the news on cnbc online streaming live. In this recent attack by the Islamic State, it is said to have targeted Popular Mobilization Unit members and Shiite militias leaving 75 people injured while 36 others dead. It is unfortunate that the number was expected to rise as some were in critical conditions. This is as per a statement from Gyorgy Busztin, U. N official in the country.

The Islamic State is predominantly for the Sunni Muslim extremists who fight against the government and its supporters. Shiite Muslim fighters who are working alongside the Iraqi forces in the operation to push out ISIS have highly being targeted. More than 100 people have died from such attacks in the course of this week only. Just 40 miles north of the capital in the city of Baquba, 61 people were killed when a suicide car bomber detonated his explosives.

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After the recent car bomb attack at the vegetable market, the Islamic State claimed attack calling it a blessed operation. The terror group that also killed 120 people in Khan Bani Saad says that it is justified to harm the non-believers and also large-scale killings. Despite the increase terror attacks and heinous crimes by the group, a U.N official predicted that the mission of the group will eventually fail while condemning the attack.


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