Immigrating To Australia or New Zealand- Information For Doctors

11 May of 2015

Australia and New Zealand are excellent places to live and work. If you are looking for a developed country to emigrate to, moving to New Zealand or Australia is an excellent choice. There are plenty of opportunities for doctors in both these countries. In Australia, the government is still expanding and planning new cities and states. For instance, Wollongong is one of the fastest developing states in the country. The government is actively looking for qualified individuals and trained doctors to occupy positions. If you are looking for immigration information for overseas trained doctors, there are several things that you need to know. Here’s how to get the process started:

Do You Meet the Requirements?

The governments of New Zealand and Australia have set forth specific requirements for doctors looking to immigrate to their country. For instance, you must be between the ages of 21-49 in order to apply. There’s a points system that determines whether you qualify for immigration to Australia or New Zealand. For instance, you get points for being fluent in English (the most commonly spoken language in both Australia and Zealand is English). Moreover, you also get points for your work experience and the extent of your education. If you are an ordinary doctor with no specialisation, your accumulated points will be lesser as compared to a doctor who has specialised in a particular field, such as an oncologist. Similarly, experience plays a major role as well. If you are an experienced doctor, you will get more points and vice versa.

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Sending Your Application

Whether you are looking to apply to Australia or New Zealand, you will have to prepare an application. The application will include important details about your personal and professional life. You will provide reasons for immigrating to the country, and will also have to provide reasons for why you have decided to move to the country.

There’s a non-refundable fee that you must pay as well. If you don’t want to go through all the hassle of calculating your points and preparing your application, there are private agencies that offer expert immigration services and consultancy too. You can hire the services of the agency to prepare your application. When looking for an immigration agency to work with, make sure you look for their license. Most agencies that offer consultancy services are licensed by the consulate, so make sure you work with a licensed consultant.

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Once your application has been processed, you will likely have to wait for a few months. The usual time given by the governments of Australia and New Zealand is anywhere between nine and fifteen months, so you will have to be patient. If the government approves your application, you will have to go in for an interview. If you pass the interview, the government will give you a visa to visit the country and explore work options. You will have to live there for a few years to get a Permanent Residency Card.

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