8 Reasons To Work With A Call Answering Service

11 May of 2015

Your company should be a success and remain one, even if matters get too busy to handle. If your employees find it hard to get to the phones or write down messages correctly, find a third party service. Hire call answering professionals to accept your calls, answer them correctly and leave messages if any. Then, have your valued employees focus on more important tasks besides office work. There are many benefits that come with outsourcing your call center department. Know at least eight ways that a call answering service helps your business.

  1. Answer Calls

You need a professional company to answer all of your incoming calls and send out the outgoing ones. No matter how busy you are, have all of your calls covered. People call for several reasons: to make orders, to ask questions and to leave messages.

You could miss out on receiving valuable information in one call. For instance, a calling customer may want to order hundreds of your products from a catalog. You cannot afford to miss out on these bulk orders. Another customer may want to leave a very important message that relates to the management of your business. The only way to receive all of this information is to leave the phone lines open.

  1. Manage Overflows

Control the overflows of calls that come in during peak operation hours. The early mornings and afternoons are peak hours when customers are the most active. Businesspeople must be able to deal with these unpredictable overflows of clients.

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During certain holidays and seasons, the calls can come in pouring in endlessly. An example is a soccer gear company that experiences many calls in late summer when the soccer season starts. Another example is a chocolate company that handles a sudden influx of orders during the Easter holiday. You need to do more than take a deep breath to handle the stress. You must find a third party to maintain complete control of your business operations.

  1. Take Messages

A call answering provider is able to accept phone calls along with messages. The agents are able to prioritize your messages based on the level of urgency. The most important messages are addressed first, and the least important ones are kept at the bottom of the pile.

These agents have many years of experience when it comes to taking messages quickly and properly. They take down all of the important details about the caller starting with the name, number and address. Then, they direct these messages to the appropriate representatives within your company. You no longer have to worry about incompetent secretaries not being able to take complete messages.

  1. Respond to Emergencies

Professional phone answerers are trained to respond to emergencies. They accept emergency calls from various service providers, such as police officers, ambulance workers and healthcare providers. These professionals need emergency assistance at all hours of the day and night.

There are professional protocols that go into answering emergency calls. Not anyone can pick up the phone and say anything. Not anyone can handle these calls under extreme pressure either. Emergency phone agents are professionally trained to handle any type of unexpected situation.

  1. Respond to Work Absences
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At your business, not all employees can guarantee they will make it to work that day. Some of them are not able to make it that entire week. After big events, such as natural disasters and fires, many of your employees may not be ready to return to work at all.

In the meantime, you have a business to run no matter what. You need people to keep the ball rolling by helping you answer the phones at least. This way, show that your business is still alive and thriving.

  1. Handle Workforce Changes

No collection of employees stays the same each year. There are fluctuations that affect the status of every workforce. These changes come suddenly and quickly. You may have to fire a few lazy employees or let off an entire department containing dozens of workers. In another situation, you may have to recruit highly qualified experts who are difficult to find. You have to work closely with the human resources department, which means you have to neglect the other departments.

During these unpredictable workforce changes, have an answering service step in to fill in the gap temporarily. If you remodel your house, you can still live in it. Renovating your business does not mean closing it down either.

  1. Handle Business Travels

Some businesses require that their employees travel often. Mobile doctors, some ministers and actors are required to travel a great deal. If they cannot answer the landline phones, they cannot manage their business affairs properly.

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No matter how often you travel, you will likely have to go suddenly without warning. You need a good answering service to maintain the business while you are on the road. Even if you stay away from the main office for months, you can keep the operations going without disruptions.

  1. Boost Customer Satisfaction

Improve the satisfaction of your customers by working with a phone answering company. The professionals working for this type of company are experienced specialists. Many of them have decades of experience in answering phone calls and taking messages. They are the most qualified ones to pick the phone and address any problem. They know how to deal with customers in a fast, polite and reasonable manner.

Not every company has good secretaries working for them. Some secretaries are good in everything but answering phones. If you want to improve customer service, start by improving the quality of your employees.

A business must run all day and every day. Employees are allowed to take breaks every now and then, but businesses are not allowed to do the same. An active business keeps the phone line open with people occupying the office regularly. Using a phone answering service is necessary to handle medical emergencies, media responses and other issues. Netcall Solutions has plenty of solutions to offer a business of any size and significance.


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