The Importance Of Bug Tracking Software-A Few Compelling Reasons Why Your Company Needs It

11 May of 2015

Why is bug tracking so important for your company? It helps you polish the quality of your software and adhere to the highest calibre of performance. Using bug tracking tools, you can bolster the features of your software, helping it run as seamlessly as possible.

This is truly the most potent means of improving your software and boosting your deliverables. How would you regulate bug tasks, identify and resolve problems without the aid of bug tracking software? Do not compromise the quality of your software. Learn more about bug tracking tools below.

Capitalise on Your Investment

Irrefutably, bug tracking software is a prime investment. This type of software helps you identify issues that may be hindering the performance and delivery of your software. With bug tracking software, you can radically boost your investment by decreasing the cost associated with development.

Without the adequate software, developers would be forced to delegate their time to low priority, minimally important tasks that did not require their immediate attention. This would detract attention from high priority tasks that might actually contribute to the quality and performance of the software.

No More Installation and Deployment Problems

With the aid of high quality, bug tracking software, you can eliminate many of the installation and deployment issues associated with poor quality bug trackers. If your programme is connected to a web based cloud, you will not have to brood over the installation and upgrading process. Instead, you can allocate the bulk of your time to perfecting and refining your software.

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Integration and Teamwork

You can conduct many of your software tasks jointly within an integrated, virtual network of individuals. All team members can collaborate on a single project when necessary. These communal efforts can lead to increased productivity and more favourable results. Essentially, you have the capacity to allocate specific bug problems to the qualified team members. Therefore, every team member will assume action of a particular bug and resolve the issue. Hence, you are not just refining your software at an individual level. You are maximising the results and outcomes by integrating the efforts of everyone on your team.


A peer-to-peer framework enables developers to manage one another during important projects. This type of network can increase productivity, as it allows everyone to achieve a single overarching goal and offer support when needed.

Improve Quality

With a bug tracker, you can aim for the standards of quality that you are truly seeking. Imagine developing software without bug tracking tools. This would allow many glitches and errors to go unaddressed. Furthermore, it would yield very poor results in the long run and affect your profitability in the market.

With the right software, however, you can compile a list of recurring bugs or problems that require your prompt and undivided attention. This enables you to track the chronology of bugs that arise over time. You can effectively uncover trends revealing where and why you went wrong in a particular area.

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Decrease Learning Curve

The inner workings of a bug tracker are undoubtedly complex. However, it’s crucial that this software is feasible for everyone’s understanding. The more simplistic an interface is, the better results you will generate. When you have the right bug tracking software, everyone is able to master it as effectively as the next person. The learning curve will go virtually unnoticed. The simpler the procedures are, the better.


Software development requires both keen attention and serious regulatory control. One of the ways in which you can control and regulate your software is through the use of bug tracking software. The right software makes it possible for several people to identify and monitor their bugs at once. Hence, you can have multiple developers working on a single software, meanwhile, monitoring and eliminating their own assigned bugs.

Simplify Development

In order to track bugs to the best of your ability, you must do so within a firm, operational framework that caters to smooth, seamless software development. Without an organised scheme or process in place, it is difficult to identify bugs and complete a development project. Using a plan, however, you can monitor the elimination process that each bug will undergo. As a result, you will not have to waste your time managing bugs, but rather, resolving them.

No matter how complex your plan is, the right software can enable you to execute your development tasks regardless.

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Increase Accessibility

High quality, bug tracking software can make your development projects more accessible to team members, managers, developers, and testers, as well. Furthermore, you can restrict and regulate access to specific projects among your team of developers.

Improve Customer Service

Customers prefer high-quality software, and your company image hinges on your ability to produce quality software. The more bugs you have, the more customer complaints you will have. Hence, it is in your best interest to purchase a bug tracker software because it can polish the quality of your products.

Quality software, free of bugs and glitches, can help you acquire recurring customers down the line, along with better consumer relationships, a better brand image and more authority in your field. You can capitalise on your target market by instilling value in your software.

Is It Worth It?

Perhaps you are still pondering whether or not bug tracking software is even a viable investment. In all honesty, it is. How else would you monitor the chronology and life of a bug?

How would you assign regulated bug tasks to specific developers? Furthermore, in what other context could you work in an integrated, structured, bug resolving framework that incorporated your entire team of developers? When you consider the peer to peer management features, simplicity, and regulatory nature of this type of software, the benefits become fundamentally clear. If you are interested in this type of service, try qabook SharePoint bug tracking solutions.


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