Canada’s Citizenship Study Guide

19 August of 2014

The citizenship test is the final step of applying to become a citizen of Canada. This test takes approximately 30 minutes and consists of 20 multiple choice questions of which an applicant must answer at least 15 correctly. These questions are drawn from a pool of about 200 questions and are based on the contents of the official study guide: Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship.

These questions cover topics such as:

  • The rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens;
  • Canadian history;
  • The Canadian political system;
  • The physical and political geography of Canada; and
  • Specific questions about the applicant’s region.

This test also serves to further assess language skills as applicants must understand simple statements and questions and be able to provide simple answers and communicate information to the CIC staff in either French or English. The test was updated on March 5, 2010 to be based on the 63-page study guide and show a richer picture of Canadian history, culture, law, and politics. Immigrants are now required to memorize more facts in order to qualify for citizenship.

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Once the test has been passed, the applicant is invited to attend a ceremony within 6 months. At this ceremony they are required to swear an oath and are then presented with a citizenship certificate. If applicants fail the citizenship test they are permitted to take it again. Upon a second failure they are required to have a 15-20 minute interview with a citizenship judge who will assess if they have demonstrated enough knowledge to be accepted.

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Discover Canada

Used by newcomers to study for the citizenship test, this is a complete guide with a wealth of information on the history of Canada, how our government works, and the symbols and regions of Canada. The guide can be read online, downloaded in pdf or e-reader format, ordered for delivery, or listened to depending on your preferences and is provided free of charge by the government of Canada.

Discover Canada: The Rights and Responsibilities of Citizenship is the only official study guide and should be the primary resource used for studying for the citizenship test. Study the copy provided to you by Citizenship and Immigration Canada unless it was issued before 2011, in this case click here and download or request a new copy. The new version of the guide better emphasizes Canadian values such as democracy, gender equality, and human rights as well as better portraying the native roots and population of the country.

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To get more information and advices about the Canadian citizenship applications you can contact a barrister or a solicitor, specializing in  Canadian immigration.

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