How Business Owners Can Spread Holiday Cheer Without Breaking The Bank

17 November of 2017

In the modern workforce many companies leverage remote employees and virtual offices to conduct business across their organization. Getting people together for an office party becomes nearly impossible when your employees are sometimes located halfway around the world.

The traditional office party can get a bad rap depending who you ask; maybe it’s overdone or it’s the amount of alcohol and shenanigans. Still, the holidays are an important time of year in terms of employee morale and your turnover rate. Just as important, your business can also benefit from branded holiday campaigns that involve extensive outreach to members of your community or customer base.

Looking for ways to spread holiday cheer to your staff and customers without breaking the bank? We have some tips to spread holiday cheer around the office and your community without drowning out everyone’s eardrums with incessant, christmas radio plays.

Office Decorations

Celebrate the holidays through some thoughtfully curated decorations.. A christmas tree, some LED lights, and stockings are easy ways to decorate the office for the christmas season. Costume contests are always a proven way to promote fun at the workplace and encourage the festive spirit during halloween and christmas. Make sure your decorations are not entirely inclusive to any tradition and promote an environment of openness.

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If you have clients or customers that visit your office than you’ll be able to show off the fun, sentimental side of your brand. Be sure to hand out some candy canes or Halloween sweets to leave customers and clients with a smile.

Charitable Work and Donations

The holiday season is the season of giving. Organizing charitable events for your team to volunteer at is a great way to foster the holiday spirit among your team members. Let team members select a charity in the area to volunteer at or donate to. Of course, make sure that team members are not forced to go. If the event is not on the clock than offer an incentive for members to go.

Donations are also a great idea to institute in lieu of an expensive gift giving ceremony. Make donations in your employee’s names on behalf of the company to also extend the reach and depth of your branding campaign.

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Festive Feasts

Potlucks, bake sales, or a holiday themed brunch is the perfect way to promote the holiday spirit and get team members involved. This goes over very well with staff. Raffles and contests could also be provided at company dinners to reward employees and make your celebration more engaging.

A holiday themed bake sale for the community is a great event that can drive people to your business and get your brand acquainted with the local community. If no one can bake or has the time, you can also sponsor a local bake sale or buy non-perishable food to donate at a local shelter.

Secret Santas

Secret santas and gift giving promote the holiday spirit without having to break out the company credit card. Always fun and interesting, your employees can express themselves through simple, yet creative gifts for one another. Gift giving makes your team more connected and also makes them feel more valued at your organization.

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Planning the Office Party

If you do decide to throw an office party, you can incorporate pretty much all of the tips into one festive, yet inexpensive party. If you provide alcohol, be sure to have a drink limit. This will also save everyone from any embarrassment that’s sure to be suffered at the office party each year.

Save money and energy by hanging up christmas lights across the office. Remember, it’s always cheaper to host a christmas party in house instead of renting out a venue. Make it a potluck to save money on catering as well.

Additional Ideas

  • Play holiday themed music at appropriate times of the year
  • Send thank you cards to customers and clients
  • Host an ugly sweater contest
  • Create seasonal content to post on your website and social media channels
  • Purchase holiday themed business cards and letter heads for the season
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