Play Video Slots Online From Your Smartphone

29 September of 2014

Slots is one of the oldest gambling games that are still popular today. It started with the electro mechanical slot machines where you have to push the lever to spin the symbols. A lot has changed since then, especially after the introduction of online video slots. The technological progress has made it possible for video slots to accommodate a larger number of paylines. As a player, you get an option to choose the number of lines you will be betting and the amount to bet on a single line. The amount bet is often dependent on the coin denomination the machine accepts. Some machine takes nickels or pennies and some machines take quarters. There are even dollar machines for the high gambler. The most popular slot games are reel slots and video slots.

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How Video Slots Are Different From Reel Slots

The first noticeable difference between video slots and reel slots is that video slots are more entertaining with a lot of symbols. Because of the advances in technology, video slots can provide you with a large number of paylines. While a traditional reel slot machine will have a single payline and might take three coins as the maximum bet amount per spin, video slots can engage the player much better. The standard number of paylines in video slots is 5, 9, 15, 25. There are some video slots games that give the player a chance to play on 50 and 100 lines. You should remember that the wager amount in a game of video slots is almost always higher than in a reel machine. But the payouts are also better in video slots. In addition to the straight line win, video slots also have payout tables for various combinations including zig zag, reverse and wild cards.

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Play Video Slots Online

Online video slots are one of the most popular online gambling games. There are numerous free games available online for you to choose from. Slotomania free video slots game is one of the free video slots games you can play online. The app will let the player choose from one of the 55 slot games available. The games come with a lot of interesting bonus features, additional games and free spins. It is also possible to share the free gifts from the game with your friends. The app is featured on iTunes through the company Playtika LTD. The game is quite simple to understand and play and the graphics are of HD high quality. It is important to remember that it is designed for entertainment and amusement purpose only.

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Playing online does not require a laptop or a PC. Mobile gaming has become quite popular and there are games that are especially designed for the mobile environment. These video slot games are made available for smartphone users using different operating systems. There are games available from Google play store for android users and there are games like Slotomania available from iTunes for Apple iPhone or iPad users. Playing video slots online is a good way to pass time.


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