How To Hire A Manager For Best Customer Care

14 September of 2017

Customer service is one of the most momentous components of the company’s corporate strategy. Customer expectations are growing every day and despite all the efforts of service managers, some companies fear that the level of service ends before customer gratification begins. What features should a client manager have in order to lead his company to success?

Is Education Really Momentous?

Most employers are inclined to believe that the key skills of the client manager should be based on the higher education received by him, but they do not focus on the profile. And in this case, this is correct for two reasons. The first is that during his education he could use such service as But ideally, it is believed that this employee should have knowledge in the field of human psychology and marketing. Consequently, the psychological can act as a basic education and marketing courses as an additional one. The presence of a diploma in marketing is not so momentous since the main activity of this specialist is contacting with people in real life.

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Top Features a Customer Care Manager Should Have

B2C conducted a research and pointed out some momentous features a manager should have to provide the best customer care. Here is a list of the most momentous ones.

  • Knowledge of the product. A comprehensive study of the product during the training of new employees will help to avoid mistakes in the process of work. In training, it is necessary to apply a systematic approach, as in an educational institution with exams and certification. In order not to lose loyalty, only certified employees should be allowed to communicate with them.
  • Ability to identify the real needs of customers. A specific puzzler is behind every request. Sometimes it is obvious but sometimes not. The ability to identify the real problem leads to the possibility of finding a solution. Thus, the manager needs to go a long way: to carefully study the client’s request, identify the issue, sort through the solutions and offer the very one that is really capable of coping with the problem.
  • Readiness to be responsible for own actions. This trait implies both the professional and personal responsibility of the manager.
  • Efficiency in solving pressing issues.  Efficiency consists of several factors and includes the level of a workload of a specialist on the one hand and personal qualities in which the employee can not postpone something “for ” In the best companies, the workload of a specialist is planned in such a way that he has the opportunity to resolve current issues quickly.
  •  A good customer care manager takes the initiative first, initiates new tasks or recalls work issues and current puzzlers if their decision depends on the client.
  • The need to help clients. This personal quality should be present in every customer care manager. This quality implies a physical need to help others because the fact of assistance in the form of a solved poser delivers a person with this quality a sincere pleasure.
  • Ability to find a compromise.  Sometimes the solution necessary for successful operation is not registered in standard schemes. The search for a compromise starts from taking responsibility, draws energy in the need to help, and leads to the solution of the client’s problems.
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The aforementioned professional skills of the client manager should also be supplemented by analytical thinking and good intellectual abilities. Especially momentous in the work of these specialists is business acumen, developed intuition and the ability to accurately predict the behavior of the client, his reaction to certain commercial proposals.


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