The Best Plugins For Magento eCommerce

20 August of 2014

Magento is an ecommerce platform with a simple web design that allows you to smoothly conduct your business online. However, for those of you who have interacted with it, you will realize that it doesn’t do most of the things that you want done for you.

That is right, it is only a platform and as such you don’t expect it to do everything for you. In light of this statement, it is imperative that you look for plugins that easily integrate with Magento. One of the best things with Magento is that it gives you the opportunity to own it. It allows you to choose your own currency conversions, automation tools, email management, conversion optimizers and social marketing tools etc. If you are interested in an eCommerce website then try this WSI Digital Web design company to get you started.

The following are some of the plugins that you can integrate with magneto;


It is common knowledge that most people dislike ticket support. The sad thing is; ticket is here to stay. However, all is not lost as this plugin allows you to have live support in addition to a ticket support. This means that you will be able to chat with your client one on one with the help of its live chat function. This plugin also enables you to ask less, waste less time and at the same time giving you the opportunity to concentrate on important clients.

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Every online trader knows that shipping is a big nightmare. This problem doesn’t discriminate between a novice trader and a seasoned one. The biggest problem arises when you have different items that require different prices.

There are various differentiating factors when it comes to shipping of goods for example shipping location of the goods, quantity and weight of different goods etc. You cannot charge the same price for one spanner as that of a crank shaft due to difference in weights.

If you are not careful, it may cost you big. Thanks to matrixrate a plugin that uses a simple web design and actually helps you to manage your shipping needs; shipping is now a walk in the park.

XML Map Creator

You probably know the immense power traffic has over your business, this is not even something that can be brought up for discussion. It enables you to easily setup xml site maps. Site maps are important when it comes to indexing. These site maps enable webmasters from different site engines to see through your entire site and crawl it better. This in turn increases the number of pages that are indexed and by so doing it increases the traffic to your site.

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The Best Plugins For Magento eCommerce


This is another powerful plugin that brings with it a different way of doing marketing online. It offers one of the best solutions in cross-channel marketing. It allows you to send messages based on past information from your clients. Examples of this past information can be order quantity and order type etc. bronto allows you to customize your approach, making your marketing more personal and relevant. It also allows you to automatically send reminders and simple newsletters as well.


This plugin was specifically created for SEO purpose. Review systems ensure that you make the most out of consumer reviews. It is public knowledge that not all consumers are trustworthy, in fact some review a product just to tarnish it. With this system you won’t have to stomach such kind of behaviors.

This plugin allows you to choose what reviews to remove and which ones to keep. This is not to say that you are hiding things from your clients, no. Of course there are some random pointless reviews that are not even related with the products in question; these ones need to be axed. Yotpo allows you to increase purchaser confidence. It takes the best out of a review system and gives it to you.

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Layers Navigation

Layers navigation is all about filters. We all understand that the basics of any web design be it marketing, selling and even awareness creation; customer navigation is the main overriding factor. This particular plugin enables drop downs, filters and breadcrumb displays to help your client, easily navigate through your site.

Complicated sites lose a lot of customers who get lost half way and in most cases most of them are serious clients who mean real business. When your client gets lost in your site then you have lost that particular client.

There are many other plugins available which include and are not limited to zendesk, one page checkout, nitrogento, foorman google analytics, optimizely and blog etc. Try these plugins with your Magento and you will unlock the doors of your online business and your ecommerce will never be the same again.

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