Ways To Earn Through Your Videos

28 November of 2014

With life happening everywhere, the hankering for footage is no longer limited to an aerial or an underwater shooting.  Royalty free stock footage, as these small, unprepared-for videos are referred to, have a huge demand for, in the video-making industry. Besides, they can land you attractive sponsors, if you gain good viewership for your videos. Interested? The following article provides ways you can make money through your videos. Read on to know.

What better example to cite for gaining success and fame through your videos but the famous “Gangnam Style” by Psy, a South Korean performer. The video gained over 7 million likes and more than 1.5 billion views. He is a multi-million now and continues to earn phenomenally through Google ads on his video.

How it Works?

Videos are a great way to earn quick money, these days. Whether you’re like making videos for fun, to document events or for friends, posting them can turn out to be lucrative career.

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All you need to do is shoot a video upload your videos on a credited website such as YouTube and wait for reviews. If you’ve managed to get a good viewership for your video, you’ll begin getting a stream of sponsors to use or buy your video content. These sponsors will pay you for showcasing their ad along with your video because they’ll get a lot of viewership there.

source: www.stephaniesvideotips.com

Other Ways to Earn from your Videos

Well, YouTube is not the only platform which you can leverage to earn money from showcasing your videos. Although, it’s the most widely used platform, there are many more channels that can prove to be a good platform for your videos.

Consider the following:

  • Dailymotion – Becoming a Motionmaker on Dailymotion will earn you the ability to upload videos that can earn you cash for submissions that go viral. Simply put, the videos uploaded on Dailymotion can help you earn a portion of the total ad revenue generated.
  • Vimeo Tip Jar: Vimeo has a different approach to the ways videos can be monetized. They offer “Tip Jar” model, which implies literally. The viewers of your video have the option “Tip This Video”, the tips ranging from $1 to $500. The producers of the video get 85% of the tip.
  • Break.com: Break.com is yet another video hosting site that offers a unique way to make money. If your video is featured on their homepage, you’ll be paid $400 for selling the rights of the video to them. Alternatively, you can be paid $200 to license the video to them.
  • Viddler: If you have a video that you’re not willing to let go of, free, Viddler can be a great channel. It allows you to sell the video’s access in exchange of a weekly or monthly amount. This helps you with some quick money.
  • Blip.tv: Blip.tv is another channel that allows video producers to monetize the content they’ve produced through advertisements. Users get to choose from a number of ad options including post-roll, overlay, pre-roll and even for commercial breaks.
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Whether you’re considering video production as your career or simply looking out to make some quick money, the following platforms can give you the much needed push you need.

Have you earned through posting your videos online? How did you go about it? Share your thoughts and experiences with us. And, to buy video content or royalty free stock video footage, visit us at www.vpuzzler.com.


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