Expert Tips On Back Pain Relief

17 July of 2015

Are you facing a real problem with back ache lately? Back pain is a major problem faced by people of all age groups. If the problem has persisted over a few days, then it is indeed a major cause of concern. Here are some useful tips that you can follow to gain relief from back pain:-

Be ready to undergo all types of treatments

There are different stages of many physical problems that require the need for more medical therapies. Recent research in medical science has confirmed that most back pain related issues can be resolved with changes in lifestyle.

Shed excess weight to reduce pressure on your spine

Find out whether you have excess weight. A person can claim that he is overweight by 20 kg only. But if he would be carrying 20 kg on his shoulders on a daily basis, he would be suffering from back pain at the end of the day. You can consider undergoing a healthy dietary program to find out whether the food you are having satisfies other needs, especially emotional needs.

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Perform some yoga postures

Recent medical research has confirmed that postures that encourage you extend your spine make your muscles strong and have an anti-gravity effect. You can perform some yoga poses that are mentioned below:-

Extended side angle pose, child’s pose and seated twist

Lotus Pose-To perform this pose, you will have to lie on your stomach, arch your back, put your hands backward to grasp the top part of your thighs, and lift your legs from the floor as your knee bends and your feet curves towards your head.

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Cobra Pose-Lie on your stomach and gently lift your chest from the floor and push it gently towards your hands. Most of the movement needs to be done from the chest.

If you perform these poses for 10 minutes twice a day, you will have a better outcome within six weeks than those who have opted for surgery.

Tone down your torso

Another area that you need to focus on is the core muscles that support you against gravity, especially para-spinal muscles and abdominal muscles. Ever since we humans learnt to stand on their feet, we have had problems in pulling ourselves downward. So, we don’t use muscles that counter gravity. Over a period, it has a wear and tear impact on musculature and discs.

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People who spend a major part of their time working on a desk are likely to have weak torso muscles. Gravity’s pressure transmits to discs and bones unlike normal circumstances when muscles bear a large part of the burden. Therefore, perform exercises that make the core muscles strong. This will help you recover from the back problem that has been troubling you lately, but also prevent it in future.

Undergo both hot and cold therapy

Though there is no strong evidence to back this claim, yet both these therapies will help you focus on the affected area. Attention and intention are the most powerful healing forces. Find out which one of the two makes you feel better, but make sure to use the time to focus on your back.


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