4 Reasons Why Buying A New House Is Better Than You Thought

17 July of 2015

Buying a house is a major decision both financially and personally. You invest a good sum in your house so you will want all your expectations see the light of the day.  Tired, sometimes even annoyed, of living in a rented apartment, you are in the process of developing your long-term assets in the form of a new property. No more paying the monthly costs to the landlord and facing the same old problems, you can save a great deal of money in the long run when you choose to buy a new house. Here are the reasons why you will love buying a new house instead of investing big sum in an outdated apartment:

  • Modern technology is at home now!

A new house is clean and comes with the modern amenities installed. Built in the latest fashion, you can expect to get a lot many features that a second house fails to provide. Proper USB outlets, efficient energy-saving windows, modern door locks that can be controlled with your phone, the list is very tempting, and you can get all these utility features in your new house.

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The trendy design and layout will add value to your investment, making a statement about where you live. Apart from that, new homes come with low-VOC paints and flooring that can have a positive impact on your health and safety. Having a new house is the best fit for those who want to customize their homes and make the personal space very attractive.

  • Go green and save money

More energy efficient your house is, the better for our environment. With so much pollution and critical emission of greenhouse gasses, human survival is on the verge of a major crisis. Thankfully, builders have identified the need for an eco-friendly solution and have incorporated modern methods while building the house. And the pièce de résistance is that these methods help you save your money. Senior program manager for the National Association of Home Builders’ green building programs, Kevin Morrow opines that IECC (International Energy Conservation Code) in 2009 has encouraged people to have new houses that “should perform from an efficiency standpoint compared to older homes” (sic).

  • Thermal envelope for your coming years
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A new house has inbuilt amenities that can create a sort of impenetrable envelope around the house. This, in turn, prevents conditioned air (warm air in cold temperatures and cool air in hot temperatures) to escape from your house. So you get a proper and insulated room temperature throughout the year, adding to your comfort. And yes, you save a big chunk of money while paying electricity bills that you cannot evade in an old house.

  • Free from periodic servicing and repairs
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Used houses are like old shoes that have already traveled a great many miles. Naturally, they call for a replacement now and then, making you endure the annoying consequences. Get rid of the idea that the older house is, the more established it is. Not only is it hard to find a suitable and properly maintained house, but it is also beyond a simple man’s pockets to afford several repairs and replacements that old homes are ever wanting.

On the other hand, new houses come with several features that will make you stay in the home with greater ease. Having a safe and secure house protects you from impermissible intrusions, fire, and other accidents thus letting you sleep without bothering about your family’s safety.

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