8 Reasons To Buy A Property Near Sunny Isles Beach

01 October of 2014

Sunny Isles Beach is a calm and serene place located on an island in Florida, United States. The city is culturally rich and is also lovingly called ‘Little Moscow’ because of its growing Russian population.

1. Business

Because of its scenic location and attractive and picturesque features, the place attracts many tourists and travelers. Sunny Isles Beach has no industry but plenty of businesses.

If you are a budding entrepreneur, Sunny Isles Beach can be the perfect place to give your business a start. From health and beauty to restaurants to home and garden and resorts, Sunny Beach Isles has hundreds of business mushrooming and growing at a promising rate.

2. Investment Returns

The beach-front condos in Sunny Isles Beach are state-of-the-art and have worldclass amenities. Condos and homes starting from $600,000 to millions are available, in all sizes and designs catering to everyone’s taste. Whether you sell or rent out your property, the Sunny Isles real estate market has a lot to offer in terms of investment. Real estate listings such as those provided by The Reznik Group can help you land a property that is perfect for your needs.

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3. Retirement Plans

Looking for senior housing near Isles Beach? Nowadays, there are a multitude of options matching you with housing communities which are perfect for assisted living, near nursing care, adult day care and hospitals. Many houses are also low income and affordable.

From a casual weekday get-away to peaceful daily walks in the friendly neighborhoods, beach cities such as Sunny isles provide the perfect place for you to retire and while you are away for enjoying your leisure time.

4. Environment

The Sunny Isles Beach Government Centre is a central hub housing many government departments, post office, library and a Visitor Centre. For tourists and even for residents, the Visitor Centre has a wealth of information.

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The Visitor Centre warmly welcomes all newcomers and is a good place to know about the best eateries, shopping centers and activities to do in Sunny Isles. If you are planning to buy property in this neighborhood, the visitor centre will help you in settling down in no time.

5. Lifestyle

For Sunny Beach Isles residents, the city always has something new on the front. Walk-a-thons, cultural trips and family nights are regularly on the offer. Adult and senioractivities are held by Cultural & Community Services Department.

For the young, after-school programs are on offer at Pelican Community Park.

A variety of sports programs are also offered at the Sunny Isles Beach for those interested in athletic activities.

6. Building and Development

The city is constructing a community centre, parks and improving the infrastructure. Construction of buildings, condos and apartments is also on the rise, providing a good opportunity for investment and residential purposes.

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7. Tourism and Entertainment

In Sunny Beach, it is not just the beach resorts and condos that you will be seeing the most of. Annually, almost a million people vacation in SunnyIsles Beach. Its miles-long beach and a myriad of tourist attractions keep vacationers coming in huge numbers. From the pier park to spas to sailing, the beach offers much for entertainment purposes. It also has amenities like boating, fishing and tennis.

8. Safety and Security

From a resort city to a secure community, Sunny Isles has made quite a journey.  The Sunny Isles Beach Police Department provides prompt service. Sunny Isles police has come to be recognized both locally and nationally for its award-winning programs and rescues.

Sunny Isles crime index is 37, meaning it is safer than 37%of cities in the US. While the violent crime comparison of Florida is 4.87 per 1000 residents, that of Sunny Isles is 1.20.


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