A List Of Different Marketing Strategies

09 July of 2014

Marketing is a strategy which is used by business companies to communicate with customers, showing the different products and changes. They attract with different marketing strategies to target consumers with the particular product. It is lots of work to beat competitor and gain the first place in marketing. Here below are the most popular marketing techniques.

Call to Action (CTA):

Call to action is part of website marketing, people when browsing internet they find many banners, text banners which attracts as per the consumer need, when people click on the particular banner or text banners, it will redirect to the product and sale it.

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Close Range Marketing (CRM):

Close range marketing is also known as proximity marketing, this attracts customers through Bluetooth and Wi-Fi in range of it makes their achievement.

Content Marketing:

This is the process mostly attracting the customers all over the world, when people search for any particular product; if they want to know clear details and advantages of the product they search for it and read some content, and the place is the best one for companies to market and sell products.

Guerrilla Marketing:

This also became an essential choice for companies, this isn’t an expensive to marketing, but attract people faster, you will be watching some techniques with imaginations some big crowd, surprising elements to market some product, and flash mobs can be the best example for this.

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Direct Marketing:

This process is done directly with consumers by sending mails, text messages also some different social media marketing.

Community Marketing:

Community marketing involves already existing consumers to bring some new consumers along with them, and the already existing consumers had some part commission for bringing new ones. The companies make meeting with all those consumers and explains the companies need and how to improve marketing and so on.

Digital Marketing:

This became best platforms for companies to market their products through Smartphone’s, computers, Tabs and many other digital devices. Also internet marketing is the part of digital marketing.

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Affinity Marketing:

It is also known as partnership marketing, increasing new products using with the other existing branded product. This will improve the new product sale along with a branded product. For example, there are some products offers free along with to attract consumers.

Ambush Marketing:

In this marketing the company advertisers form a specific event or part to invite consumer without paying any sponsorship for them, they later go further entertaining consumer and indirectly reach their goal.

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