The Pros and Cons Of Buying Facebook Likes

31 October of 2014

What are the Pros and Cons of Buying Facebook Likes?

It is not a secret anymore: there are thousands of websites where you can buy Facebook likes out there. Where you are in USA, India or German-based, it may be really tempting to purchase Facebook likes for your company. But it is a wise decision? Is it a quick cheat or could this hurt your reputation in the long run? Let’s look at the pros and cons or buying likes on Facebook.

Pros of Buying Facebook Likes

The main advantage or purchasing likes on Facebook is to instantly look more popular. It is like filling your shop with customers, to attract people that walk by like a magnet. This can have the effect of increasing your credibility and conversion rates. Therefore increasing your revenues in the long run. It can also help getting your first clients if you are just getting started, and this will make them believe that you already have been doing business for a long time, therefore making you look more established.

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Cons of Purchasing Likes on Facebook

You have to be aware that buying likes on Facebook is against the site’s terms and conditions. They have been tolerating it for years but could change their opinion at anytime, just like Youtube did recently. Youtube has been simply deleting videos that buy views. Facebook could start doing the same and it would mean losing your business Facebook page for good, along with years of status updates and followers… Also, when you buy likes most of them come from foreign countries like Turkey. It would be strange for a New York based business to have only Turkish fans and this could hurt your reputation if people start seeing you as a ‘cheater’.

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On top of that, it might seem like a good idea to give your page a boost when starting out, since you would have no fans at all then, but remember that if you bought 10 000 Facebook likes and then you start getting real ones, Facebook now makes you pay for each post that you want to publish of your fans’ timeline. So the more fans you have, the more you have to pay every time your post a sponsored post. Which means you will end up paying every single time to promote your post to 10 000 fake accounts, losing $10-$20 each time. If you post once a day, that’s $300-$600 per month in the garbage. Nobody would feel like buying likes was the right thing to do then.

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To Conclude:

Buying likes have advantages and disadvantages, and it is worth thinking about them before going ahead and artificially increase your fan base to look more popular. One trick is to buy 1000 Facebook likes, then as you grow your fan base with real people afterwards, gradually deleting the old fake fans as you go one by one. I hope that this article has been useful and if you need more online marketing tips after buying Facebook likes I suggest that you check out the Moz blog at they have tons of great online marketing and social media marketing tips and they update their blog daily.


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