Best Promotional Products For Startups

17 November of 2014

So, you have just started your own company, but the business isn’t going the way you have imagined it? People don’t know about you, and this is bad for the work that should insure you with money income. There is always something you could do, and the best thing is, the price for doing so, doesn’t have to be insanely high.

Important thing is to be creative, and to do something that is noticeable, innovative and can make people remember you.

Printing is one of the most popular ways to promote yourself nowadays. But what will make you stand out of the competition, is on what item will you print your company’s logo, and how will you distribute it. There are a lot of custom branded items, but pens are amongst most common promo material, and their low price and huge plethora of varieties are the greatest benefits to profit from. Whenever you go outside, make sure you took at least a dozen of pens, for you are bound to be asked for borrowing it to a complete stranger in a bank, post office, or a restaurant.

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Whenever you “borrow” a pen to a stranger, always tell him that he can keep it. Important thing is to be innovative. Everybody are printing t-shirts nowadays, and you do something different. Print on your backpack, if you carry one. This is free advertisement, and hundreds of people will at least hear about you, and on the other hand, you are not wearing something inconvenient, such as a board with your logo on it.

Business cards are, in general, overcamed. But, what you could do, in order to turn attention to yourself, is to make it unique. This could be tricky, though, for the rest of the competition is doing the same. You go further. Make environmental friendly material based cards. Or, make out something creative. For example, if you are working with lumber, find a special paper mixed with plant seed. Put on sentence on the back of the card saying “plant me”.

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If one out of hundred cards gets planted, and seed sprouts, your goal is achieved. You will become “that company with that awesome card that renews ecosystems”. In other word, people will remember you.

Best Promotional Products For Startups
Vehicles also became a real moving billboards. If you own a car, a simple advertisement placed on both of your front doors can do a lot in order to get you promoted. We are, in general, spending a lot of time driving, or stuck in a traffic jam, and this is where people will notice you.

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You can also be advised to put a board on the roof of the car, but avoid doing this. It looks unprofessional, and your car will remind people on taxi cars. Vans are very grateful for this purpose, due to the fact that there is a lot of space on the sides, so you may put a bigger sticker, without fear that it will obscure your view.

So, are you ready to get promoted? Good. Let your imagination runs free, and remember. As long as you keep being innovative and original, you are on the right path, and you should stick to it.


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