Brochures Support A Product Launch

17 November of 2014

Many new products require promotional material. The car industry is an excellent example and one that is seeing an increase in sales after the end of the recession. The launch of a new vehicle needs to be well thought out. A huge amount of investment goes into something like a new car model and its shape is often kept under wraps until the launch. The manufacturers want to make the maximum possible impact and obviously positive reviews at the launch are very helpful.

Tangible Information

Vehicles go out to the dealerships so that they can be seen immediately by people considering a new car. They may get a test drive as soon as the car is available, with everyone that shows any interest being given the lowdown on price and all the specifications and glossy photographs incorporated in a brochure. The cost of printing and distribution is usually fairly insignificant relative to the investment that has gone into the model.

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That investment involves research and development as well as a detailed analysis of the marketplace, especially the size of the market and the competition from other manufacturers in the price range at which the new vehicle is being targeted.

Reliable Printing

Brochure printing is not a complex issue but it is still worth ensuring that the company being used can meet the deadline for delivery in line with the launch. It is essential that brochures are prepared prior to the launch and that involves the manufacturer being able to trust the printer that nothing will be leaked before time. Remember that every single detail will be going into a brochure and certainly photographs from every angle must be included. The number of people that will be privy to the details before the launch is growing all the time.

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Readily Available

The brochure is the single most tangible thing that a manufacturer can use to give to interested customers. They will be available for everyone that is invited to the launch and certainly there for people to pick up at motor shows and in the network of showrooms that the major brands will have throughout the country.

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While the car industry is a good example of a business sector that needs quality brochures, it is not alone. There are many consumer sectors where they are equally important. Consumer electronics, sports equipment and leisurewear, estate agents and holiday companies; all will be using the Internet to promote themselves but they still need brochures to help keep their names in public focus. Many people still like to sit and read brochures even if the same content appears on a company’s website.

Good printers will be happy to discuss any company’s requirements. It is just a matter of picking up the phone to find out more.


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