Important Steps To Follow Before You Market Your Android App

03 September of 2014

Android apps are the world’s most competitive and vital that you learn how to market your Android app. There are thing and plans before beginning with your android app business. There are thousands of apps in Google play store and users always go for new. Is it possible that your app is going to get spotted and getting good shares around and facing competition with thousands of apps which are similar to your thinking?

Today here we will discuss a few basics of your Android app marketing.

What users need?

The people really don’t need the same stuff what they are already fixed with the best one. In case if you have the same functions, then make give some attractive change to it and give a chance to let you app download. You must have a unique twist to your app, and give proper description that what your app actually contains in it.

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Be Friendly with Social Networks

Introduce your app with your social networks sites, introduce your app to your friends and help them to raise your experiment, be friendly and funny and informative person with all your social networks. The more people interact with your app, then the more downloads you have daily. Built loyalty with you and loyalty brings more downloads and shares. Your friends and family are your first choice to prove you are good, also encourage your friends to share details.

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Get a Blog of your App

Make sure you are updating the blog regularly, explain what your app is about have good conservation with your app users comments, know your mistake and make changes of them. Many people are interested to read blog posts which make them attractive. If your post makes them thrilled then automatically they share your content to their own page.

Always be close to yours with your blog updates, whatever the changes you make writing a short article about it and simply post them. Never disappoint with your app users; if they are happy with your work, then you are the beneficiary.

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Build Audience

It is not that you wait for days to get little downloads, make sure that you built audiences in advance that, make users eagerly waiting for your apps. Once you have the right time with many people recommending it, announce the date in your blog, website whatever it may be. And release it. Once your app is released you will have some Quick reviews and comments regarding your app, then immediately within a short time you can fix some errors and make it as your update version and release it again. Always be sure with your updates to make everything go well.

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