How To Send Emails Like A Marketing Pro In 2018

22 January of 2018

People keep saying that email marketing is already dead. In fact, email marketing is far-off from being dead, since it is evolving and growing. And this 2018, it is still one of the best marketing strategies since it has a big impact on your business ROI or returns on your investment.

Nonetheless, when we say email marketing, you’re marketing your business or products to online for example by sending emails to your target customers.

But, sending an email is not just about composing a message and send it afterward. Actually, sending an email is one of the undying mediums that every marketer can use especially if they want to connect with their customers and prospects.

However, for them to benefit from this kind of marketing strategy, marketers need to consider a lot of things when writing and eventually sending out their emails/messages.

Tips on How to send email like a marketing pro in 2018

  • Write an attention-grabbing subject line

Writing an attention-grabbing subject line is the best opportunity for you to grab your receiver’s undivided attention. Make sure that you’re only focusing on the value you are offering. If the readers think that they might get anything from it they are more likely to read your email.

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Everybody knows when the received email is a generic one, meaning a single message has been sent to thousands of people. That’s why, if you want your readers to think that you’re a marketing professional, make sure to send personalized emails that contain dynamic content to have a more special feel.

  • Avoid adding unnecessary information

Your readers are busy just like you, so when writing an email you must get to the topic by being straight with your intentions.

  • Keep your emails simple but inviting

A great email does not emphasize several different offers and does not babble 10 variants of selling points. So if you want to grab your reader’s attention, you need to write a short and simple but very attractive messages.

In addition, emails like a newsletter, should not contain more than a hundred words.

  • Include a signature line with your contact information, company name, as well as your name

Your readers or receivers need to identify who you are and how to contact you. Also, avoid adding personal quotes to it, especially if the receivers are political, religious, or trite.

  • Proofread Emails Before Sending them

You should proofread your emails before sending it to your target customers. Make sure that your message flows easily and it is free from grammatical and typographical errors. Actually, when you address these three issues prior to writing an email, your email marketing will be having a professional look.

  • Include an Unsubscribe link in your Email
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In all your email marketing strategies always put an unsubscribe link on it. So that customers who are unhappy with your messages will no longer receive anything from you. Because reducing the number of your email list is far better than having a lot of angry customers.

  • Don’t be a spammer

If you don’t want to look like an unprofessional in the eyes of your customers, make sure your messages/emails will meet these following criteria.

  1. Collect email addresses from subscribers who give you the approval to email them.
  2. Send a follow-up email if the customer wants to accept emails from your business.
  3. Avoid sending too many emails in just a short period of time.
  4. And as what was mentioned a while ago, you should always include an “UNSUBSCRIBE” link.

However, if all your efforts turn out to be a spam filter then this for you, “A Marketer’s Guide to Improving Email Deliverability.”

Here is a marketer’s guide on how to improve email deliverability and to avoid sending spam messages

Every marketer spends a lot of their time in composing email messages, thinking of an attention-grabbing subject line, as well as, designing copyrighted email templates.

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On the other hand, even though you’re a legitimate or professional marketer there are still some things you didn’t know especially on how to prevent your email getting into somebody’s inbox. With increasingly cultured spam filters and more strict laws, knowing the things that can affect your email’s deliverability is not just only important but also beneficial.

Ways on How to Improve your Email Deliverability and Avoid Sending Spam Emails

  • Don’t use all caps in any part of your email
  • Don’t fight with other websites just to get email addresses
  • Do not rent buy email list
  • Do not use JavaScirpt, video, or Flash inside your email
  • Avoid adding attachments when creating an email
  • When drafting emails, do not use a red font
  • Keep your email lists clean and current
  • Ask your subscribers to include you in their address book
  • Use an acquainted sender name


With the use of the correct method, email can be the most effective tool in your marketing strategy. On the other hand, it requires a regular maintenance of your mailing list, continuing strategy, and a direct opt-in email signup process. If you’ll be able to meet those standards, your email marketing will be successful.

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