Advantages Of A hosted PBX Over A Premise Based Phone System

18 April of 2015

Opting for any hosted PBX service is certainly a popular option. It outsources some of its tasks to a service provider; especially the key areas of maintenance and installation are outsourced.

In comparison to your premise based phone system, a hosted PBX yields the following advantages –

• Simplicity

Hosted PBX

The phone system runs on equipment that is managed by an external professional as its not situated onsite. Neither will you need to spend time on technicians for trouble-shooting, nor would you have to hire IT staff on-site. You’ll be able to enjoy 24×7 services to make the system run smoothly and you can devote your time towards your core business activities. You won’t have to waste your time over the phone system.

On-premise PBX

You may need to hire a technician for handling your routers, cables, servers and other equipment concerning your PBX. Alternatively, you may consider assigning your maintenance and installation tasks to the support staff. But in hiring people you’ll be spending much of your time and money. Whenever your system experiences a down time, it slackens the entire process as you try to restore the system after fetching its backup.

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• Scalability

Hosted PBX

Tasks like handling spikes by performing an auto-attendant configuration (in call volume) or adding a few extensions and lines allow you to access the account with the help of any standard web browser. Your company is likely to respond to changing market conditions very quickly as the system enables fast scalability through an IP-based technology.

On-premise PBX

On-site maintenance of any PBX phone system makes you responsible for the necessary physical modifications like adding a new extension or line. It consumes much of your valuable time and proves expensive to modify or add new hardware.

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Hosted PBX

A flat rate is applicable on the subscription that you meet towards a hosted PBX solution. This includes expenses for your business phone upkeep, support and equipment. However, it doesn’t include capital expenses and lowers your operating expenses to a great extent.

On premise PBX

A premise based phone system requires you to purchase all necessary support equipment for installing the system and bear the expenses of hiring your IT staff. This is certainly an expensive and time consuming attempt on your part.

• Portability

Hosted PBX

Mobility gains a new meaning under the reign of hosted IP-PBXs. You may gain access to your business phone system by plugging any phone through online connectivity. You may also use any of your smart devices to access the functions of your business phone. It makes much difference for SMBs when they can operate from locations away from the business site. It helps them remain competitive in the market.

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On-premise PBX

Premise based PBX systems are based on certain hardware. They are traditional and have certain restrictions. These restrictions involve their inability to make certain things available for their employees when they are away from the site. Although the employees are allowed to check voice mails, they can’t use their business phone number for making calls to customers.


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