Evolution Of Tyres Promises Better Traffic Safety

31 October of 2014

Before the advent of sophisticated and highly advanced tyres, these vital car parts have gone through a lot of developments. So, the tyre and wheel package you can buy from your favourite car part retailer have a rich history.

According to history, tyres were born as early as 3500 B.C. and had received its major recognition as one of the most ultimate creations in history. In our present time, the wheel has undeniably achieved a long way. Starting in woods up to steels and rubber, tyres’ career remains to be unstoppable. It continuously embraces positive change committed to offer enhanced versions ensuring great improvements with road safety.

Reminiscing the past, early wheels were recognized to hold simplicity. Minor but useful innovations started from a solid curved piece of wood improved by adding leather components to grant comfortable rides. As time grips progress, tyres were transformed into solid rubbers which led to today’s tire known as the air inflated or radial tire.

The pioneer batches of wheels were made of either metal or wood materials. Both

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classifications has consistent durability that are challenged to withstand various road circumstances. Many skillful and dedicated individuals had made great contributions in making the tire as we think of it today.

One of them is Charles Goodyear, an American self-taught manufacturing engineer, who was credited with the impressive discovery of vulcanization. The vulcanization is a process that deals with heating rubber with sulfur.  It produces sticky raw rubber up to firm pliable material which makes rubber an impeccable material for tyres. After that, tyres’ career strikingly dedicated itself for the better.

The Innovation of Tyres 

Meanwhile, tire clinches its partnership with optimistic developments. It is not uncommon today among car owners to invest on best quality tyre and wheel packages to ensure smooth and safe ride. With that, variety of transformation was made to refine tyres, particularly its features, to consider peoples safety on road. The following are classifications of tyres are discussed as follows:

First to exist right after the discovery of vulcanization are the solid rubber tyres which were created out of solid rubber components. Solid rubber tyres were proven strong and have the ability to absorb shocks, cold cuts and abrasions. Unfortunately, aside from its major distinction of being heavy, solid rubber tyres failed to offer a smooth rides way back then.

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Another followed and was named as the pneumatic rubber tire. It structurally uses rubber and sealed off air to reduce vibration while improving traction. Considered as the first inventor of this specific tire was Robert W. Thomson, a Scottish Engineer. Until in 1888, a man named John Boyd Dunlop from Belfast, Ireland, had participated to continue and complete the specs of pneumatic rubber tyres.

Moreover, the next fifty years gave way to inner tubes which contained compressed air and an outer casing. The said casings’ role is to deal putting security to the inner tube and sustain traction to this kind of tire called as the bias ply tyres. Furthermore, plys are layers invented to reinforce casing. They consist of a material which is the rubberized fabric cord. Bias ply tyres can still be found, particularly in antique and collector’s cars, as authentic equipment for it.

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So far, the latest invention of the matter is known as the radial tyres. It is also popular as the steel-belted radial tyres. These were first introduced in the historical land of Europe. Radial tire ply cords are either made of nylon, rayon, or polyester. What drags this kind of tyres to being advanced and unique from the rest is that it includes benefits such as longer tread life, better steering and less rolling resistance, which increases gas mileage.

Upon reviewing the evolution of tyres, any reader may observe visible changes that target to provide better traffic safety for everyone. With all positive advances regarding tyres, remarkable traffic safety improvements are expected hoping that it is still not impossible for road accidents to finally experience a massive decrease with regards to future car misfortune occurrences.


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