All You Ever Wanted To Know About 55+ Retirement Communities

02 July of 2015

The different phases of our life brings with it its share of possibilities and nuances. Growing older means incorporating changes into our lifestyle, especially when it comes to the living arrangements. As we grow older, especially if alone, managing household activities start taking a toll on our mental and physical well-being. The perfect solution to similar problems resulting out of an increasing age is, moving into a retirement community.

Retirement communities, especially age-restricted retirement communities, could be all you need in the later years of your life. Here in Douglassville, PA, I have witnessed many seniors start living in retirement communities for a more comfortable home, convenient surroundings as well as establishing meaningful companionships, all that is essential in the old age.

So, what is a Retirement Home?

A retirement home or an independent living facility is one built exclusively for the seniors (commonly those above 55 years). The 55 plus communities that I have come across in PA are a combination of freestanding houses and apartment homes. A 55 plus community signifies a living arrangement that is compatible with the overall living needs of the 55 year plus section of our society. These communities offer values and services that are well suited to the lifestyle requirements of our beloved seniors. There would be ample amenities for rejuvenation including clubhouses, recreational centres, health spas, sports courts and complexes, etc. Owing to the community’s quality of being age restricted, one can be sure of finding new friends who would not only share similar thoughts but would also be on a similar plane in life. Many communities offer holiday trips, continuing education opportunities, meals facilities, laundry and housekeeping service, etc. as well. These retirement communities also provide adequate medical facilities .

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How can you be sure if a Retirement Community is what you are looking for?

I completely agree that the initial transition phase can get quite difficult to cope up with. Moving out of your home, where you have spent the larger chunk of your life is a hard thing to do. But, as time passes by, you would realize the benefits of moving into a retirement community.

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For some elders, accepting the fact that they are no longer able to take care of their beloved home by themselves, could be hard to take in. There can be stages of anger, helplessness and embarrassment on the part of the elders, when they realize their house is too big for them to take care of on their own. But finding new friends in your new home and the convenience of everyday life would soon convince you regarding your decision.

There are some common myths that surround the idea of moving into a retirement community. First of all, we all need to get over the idea that retirement communities are similar to nursing homes. Absolutely not! Retirement communities offer you a home where you would be in control of every aspect of it, right from locking your front door to turning off the lights before going to bed.

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There are many who feel that retirement communities mean no more hobby time, which again is not true. These days, retirement communities are built to promote a far more active lifestyle to their residents. These communities offer sports complexes, gardens, lawns, health spas, bingo nights, and many more activities to enjoy.

Moving into a retirement home should not be viewed as the only solution to make your old age more convenient. In fact, a retirement community should be considered as the gateway to a new life filled with newer opportunities and newer things to explore!

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