Attorneys and Virtual Offices: Is It The Right Match?

30 June of 2015

Virtual Offices are gaining popularity amongst professionals from a multitude of industries. No matter what the industry vertical is, everybody wants to reap the benefits of the cost effective and convenient Virtual office. The latest addition to the list of Virtual office enthusiasts in Miami is attorneys. Yes, you heard it right! Even attorneys have taken to the innovative concept of Virtual Offices. Who better to advocate in the favor of virtual offices than attorneys themselves!

If you’re an attorney and on the lookout for a suitable Virtual Office service, then there are certain aspects you should consider well in advance. The most important of them being the reason you should opt for it and what your expectations are? It is equally essential to understand the consequences of your decision on your clients and practice.

What does a Virtual Office Signify for an Attorney?

You would have come across solo attorneys and small firms that have Virtual Offices in Miami. When an attorney works from a Virtual Office, it simply means that he/she would operate primarily through the medium of the internet, rather than a regular stationary office. The attorney could be working from their home or any other convenient location. Working virtually does not signify that they do not have a physical address. One of the many benefits of Virtual Services is the allotment of a professional business address that can be used for registering the firm, advertisement/promotional purposes, and for facilitating mailing. Despite having a fixed address, they do not work from there. The internet is the life source of an efficient Virtual Office.

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How can I, as an Attorney, be benefited from Virtual Offices?

If you are a solo practitioner, a Virtual Office is your best alternative. The work-life of a solo practitioner is quite challenging. There is a certain degree of travel that makes it impossible to work from one place. Solo practitioners are always on the go. They are continuously in and out of their workspace and other places that require their presence at most times. One moment they’re in the court, the next moment, they are meeting up with a client, then they are back at the office. This goes on and on till all their energies are exhausted. It would not be wrong to say that, under such circumstances, investing in a traditional office setting would be an inefficient use of valuable dollars.

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Sometimes a client may drop by, and you might not be in your office to receive them. But, if you have a virtual office, your client knows that you are available to communicate through emails and phone calls.

Some virtual Offices also provide a space usage arrangement based on an hourly basis. You could use the office for a specific number of hours every month. As time goes by and your practice increases, you could increase your hours as per your financial and operational requirements.

How will My Clients benefit from this Arrangement?

When it comes to selecting attorneys, their fees play a major role in the selection decisions of the client. When you rent out a Virtual Office instead of a regular one, you are saving on the additional cost that would otherwise be paid as the rent for maintaining a traditional setting. Virtual Offices signify lower overhead costs for you, which indirectly leads to lower fees that they’ll be charged.

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Virtual Office service providers have conference halls/offices at multiple locations. These rooms can be taken by you temporarily for the purpose of conducting meetings, in case you are in that particular location.  Now, clients can meet you at a location comfortable for them.

Is a Virtual Office your Best Choice?

This depends on multiple factors. It is essential to know if you are legally allowed to have a Virtual Office. Your clients must be completely aware of your Virtual Office details and should have no second thoughts regarding the confidentiality of their personal information.  You could always take suggestions from attorneys who have already adopted this service. The best you could do is carefully analyze the good, the bad and the ugly of your alternatives before making the final decision.

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