Attract The Right Staff With The Right Accommodation

01 September of 2014

For many businesses, the best and most talented staff is  highly in demand, especially in cities such as London where competition is strong. So how can you ensure that you both attract and retain the best employees in the business by choosing the right office space?

The working environment is a key factor in overall job satisfaction and engagement, and a great office space can really help employees to feel happy, motivated and inspired in their work. It can also encourage them to stay if the location is convenient and satisfies a range of needs. This makes finding the right accommodation absolutely key, and the trick is to assess each potential location with a checklist of staff-oriented questions, such as the following.

Does It Have Access to Public Transport?

If you are choosing central London office space St James is a perfect example of a location with excellent transport links. There is a range of Underground stations, as well as many bus routes and stops nearby. Those travelling by car can also park easily nearby in public car parks, or some offices will have their own private car parking. You may want to pay a premium for this if you have excellent sales staff who need to be on the road and then come back to the office. Do the sums to see if there is a benefit in adding car parking space to your office requirements.

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Also consider accessibility for staff with disabilities or special needs, including lifts, automatic doors and accessible desks and bathrooms.

Does It Offer Access to Local Shops and Facilities?

Staff will want to pop out at lunch to a cafe, restaurant and shop or pick up a coffee from a great coffee house on the way to work. Make your business a desirable place to work by locating it near the best shops, restaurants and cafes in London, and great staff will be excited about working there. Take the team out for after-work drinks every so often and they’ll love it even more. These amenities are very easily found in central London and they also benefit clients too when you want to entertain out of the office. In fact, you may find that you need fewer desks and meeting spaces if you locate your work premises in a thriving area, as many ad-hoc meetings and flexible work situations can occur at local cafes or other social spots.

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Is It Attractive and Comfortable Inside?

A great office space will have plenty of natural light, an attractive layout and scope to personalise the space according to your business’s needs. It will also be fit for purpose, with good IT and telephony services, great facilities and extras such as a kitchen, breakout space, meeting rooms and so forth. Think carefully about your space needs in terms of staff and working patterns. For many modern businesses, flexible working and desk-sharing make the need for permanent desks less pressing, which can allow you to have the high-end premises of your dreams.

When you have your list of requirements, contact a specialist commercial lettings agent to discuss your needs and arrange those viewings.


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