Backyard Party Ideas To Consider For Your Next Event

22 April of 2017

Nothing in life is more pleasant than being able to spend meaningful time in a nice yard with your friends or loved ones. If you put time, money, and effort into keeping your patio, porch, or lawn well maintained, why not display its elegance during social gatherings? Let us show you a few ideas on how you can flaunt the natural appeal of your outdoor space for any type of backyard party.

Picture-Perfect Patio

For this party idea, your goal is to turn your ordinary patio into a richly lit oasis. To do that, you will need the help of several potted plants and a few lanterns. Place large pots of flowers or any ornamental plants along the edges of your patio. Next, place at least three classic-looking lanterns in front of each cluster of pots. This theme is perfect for intimate sunset gatherings with your friends or with your special someone.

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Urban Resurrection

Just because you’re living at the center of the city doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy some peaceful affairs at the comfort of your porch. Turn your own concrete jungle into something lively by filling it with lush greenery. To achieve this, you can hang a large leafy wreath across the archway of your porch. Make things more interesting by stringing old light bulbs from a single cord within the wreath. Finish things off by placing a bouquet of flowers as your centerpiece on top of an old distressed table.

Tropical Escape

A tiny table on your backyard may be a challenge to decorate, but it’s actually the perfect pick for an exotic-themed backyard party. To escape from your dull backyard into the tropics, place a large blown glass vase on top of the table and place inside of it a piece of a large frond leaf or two, or something similar to one. Complete the setup by arranging a glass dish filled with fresh citrus fruits.

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Garden Glitz

If you’re lucky to have a lush garden in your backyard, this might be the perfect theme for your party. You will need the help of trees on this one, as you will hang fixtures on them, such as a long valance that will serve as your focal point. Hang gauzy fabric on each side and a sparkling chandelier in the middle to light the table. Decorate your table with a white skirt to give it a dessert table look. Finish off by adding a pedestal vase filled with fresh flowers on each side of the table.

Picnic À La Mode

Who says picnics are out of fashion? You can host your own unforgettable picnic with your friends without having to leave your backyard. Simply spread a large, old quilt or blanket on a corner or the center of your lawn. Throw in some decorative pillows for your guests to recline on. Next, place a vintage-looking crate at the edge of the blanket where you can set snacks, drinks, and candles. Boost the lighting by placing extra crates nearby with candles atop.

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There’s really no limit as to how you can design your lawn or porch for a backyard party. With a bit of creativity, and of course, with the help of research and getting some items from your favorite party store, you can turn any backyard into a party-worthy venue.


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