How To Learn Blackjack – The Easy Way

25 April of 2017

The Difference Between Hands-On Learning And Study

There are quite a few different chance games out there, and quite a few different ways to learn them. Certainly, you can read a book about a game like poker, and perhaps you’ll get a good enough idea of the basics to successfully and profitably play the game. But then again, there are many things a book can’t teach you.

For example, no book can teach you how to read another gambler’s “tells”, the subtle yet distinctive change in  appearance or behavior. This is because no gambler’s “tells” are exactly the same. Some people twitch an eyebrow when they lie, some when they tell the truth. You can defer to statistical trends which pertain to common facial tics, but successful gamblers are not that common.

Consider that an outlier in one category is very likely to be an outlier in another. The man who can lift a thousand pounds is also likely to have heart conditions which aren’t seen in any but that minority of the population who steels itself such that eventually adverse weights of such extremity can be lifted.

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Likewise, those who gamble understand what “tells” are, and work not to give themselves away. From a psychological basis, it’s not just common for gamblers to evince different emotional cues pertaining to lies or truths, it’s to be expected. You’re not going to be a good poker player without a good poker face.

So if you’ve never played a game like blackjack, you’re definitely going to want to sit down and get an idea of the game operates in the real world. You’ll want to see how other players bet, and what drives them to “hit” or “not hit”. A professional blackjack player may encourage someone to hit when they shouldn’t, or vice versa.

From Theory To Reality

There’s definitely the card-counting paradigm to consider. Those who understand how to count cards may want someone to “hit” when they shouldn’t, or may want someone to “stay” when they should. These details are pretty difficult to pick up from a book.

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But how can you play blackjack without losing money? As it turns out, it is possible to play blackjack with real people without even visiting a physical casino, and without spending a penny. Granted, you’ll likely end up spending a bit as you start to get an idea of the game and run out of “free” plays, but additionally there’s a lot of fun to be had, and plenty of free opportunities.

According to a testimony on, NJ No Deposit solutions are really top tier: “This is the best website for online casino and poker bonus codes on the internet!”, says Steve A.; and perhaps he’s right. The only way to find out is to check the website out and see whether or not this be the case.

How To Learn Blackjack – The Easy Way

As it turns out, there are quite a few websites offering discounts for signing up, or entering in a promo code—another is, who seeks to be: “Your one stop shop for casino deals.”

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Between these two, you can definitely source a good deal of credit for online blackjack games. Once you get an idea of how the game works on the ‘net, you can take your knowledge to the casino floor and see where it translates.

A Final Thought To Stimulate Your Thinking

The idea of “chance” existing in reality is as theoretical as many gambling superstitions. True randomness must be creatively synthesized, thus invalidating it as a concept which represents this thought paradigm. The real key to successful gambling is finding the pattern, and learning how to continuously exploit it.

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