Canadians Reject Black Friday Cross-Border Shopping As Loonie Slump Continues

05 December of 2016

The news about the rejection of black Friday across the border shopping speaks loudly about how the Canadian dollar is affecting the lifestyle of the people in Canada. Usually black Friday used to be the day for many of them to move towards the US so as to bargain a lot while shopping. All the Canada Newspapers, is grabbing the headlines on this news. This particular case has hailed chaos in Canada.

Harris focuses on some statistics of a few years back, which was regarding the shopping pattern of Black Friday. Even more, he says that the numbers in the statistics highly coincides with the heavy fall in loonie. In the year 2013, November, it was revolving around 95 cents. But, gradually by November 2015 it has fallen down to around 75 cents. From all these statistics it is pretty sure that those good and great deals In the US are not meant for the Canadian citizens, that too in such time when the Canadian dollar is far behind from the American ones. World newspaper also has it all over the headline.

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Only factor of the Canadian Dollar:

Everybody agrees to the fact that the buying capacity of the Canadian Dollar is one of the biggest reasons why many people will not go to the US. In the recent article published by Harris, it only has the statistics till the year 2015. The black Friday issue turned up to be very interesting in the year 2016. It may turn out to be much worse as per the perspective of the American nation. Canadian newspapers have highly focused on this. It is not only about this particular time frame that the Canadian dollar turned out to remain low, there may be some other issues like cultural and political or related to climate which makes the USA look unattractive to the  visitors.

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World Newspapers compare this fact to the times of US election when the whole country was looking for something good for the nation. After the elections the travel plans for America is going to change the complete scenario of the nation.

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Possible factors why people would avoid going to the USA:

One reason among many may be that, those who support Trump may boycott you over there. May be you will not be allowed to visit the country; this may be one form of aggressiveness. Many people are such who fear to go to the US, just by believing on the perceptions and the talks they have heard about people. As, such people are unaware of the policies implemented by trump. A world newspaper never relies on such gossips. They always cross check the facts and figures before publishing anything. This is what makes it authentic and worth reading.

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