Car Air Purifier Ionizer

31 March of 2016

The Extra-O car air purifier is one of the bestseller units online. It is constructed with the latest 8th group of anion technology for supreme results. The ionizer could remove microorganisms, bad smells, and smoke. It is genuine easy to job, you just plug it in your car socket as well as it starts to do its work. It also has an adapter thus you could use it at your home or else office. It’s a convenient and portable unit that originates with a cash back warranty. This is a healthy unit that could purify the air for up to 12 square feet. This Extra-O unit is sold online at an reasonable price of $20.95.

Even although it’s a small unit it could purify the air and even eliminate dog smell.

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This smoke odor eliminators (air ionizer for household / for car) could be used both for small rooms as well as both in your car. it will eliminate smoke odor or else dispel the smoke from a car or else your room, besides that, it has numerous other benefits – as stated above – it can also be very operative in preventing numerous different Types of bad smells, and even eliminate bacteria and numerous bad contaminants in the air.

Our IONIZER AIR PURIFIER has been verified to kill damaging viruses plus bacteria, smoke odor eliminator, and remove bad odor smell (dog’s smell, cat’s smells, pet’s smell, cigarette’s smell intolerable odor, and melt cigarette smoke, dust as well as even PM2.5 air contaminants. It can furthermore dispel gas, stop from catching a sickness or a virus being extent through the air. And besides being a smoke stink remover and all the features stated above, it has even been verified to be highly effective in relieving nausea car sickness, and sleepiness. Furthermore, it moreover HIGHLY minimalize the risk of Bird Flu or Avian Influenza. Could be used as an air ionizer for household, or for a car.

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This kind of air freshener usages a 12-v socket plug you could use on your carriage. Besides circulating new air, it moreover kills damaging bacteria and dismisses smoke.

It is recognized to lessen the jeopardy of constricting H5N1 or H7N9. This types of freshener is highly recommended for areas with 12 sq. ft. sizes. It is easy to function as well and you could leave it plugged without draining the carriage’s battery.

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This is vital technology air freshener, as well as while the Purggo engrosses the odor from the air, this Extra-O freshener actually refreshes the air as it is an air ionizer, catching numerous substances in the air as well as converting them to non-aggressive or else smelly substances.

This company possesses patents on this product and proffers a 100% cash back guarantee. There is a thorough description of how this product really works, which involves dispersing ions by the thousands which efficiently help to clear away particles of bad odors. Numerous feel it solves their allergy and asthma indications when the device is working.


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