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19 June of 2014

As we know that the online retailers are totally Depending on in mobile marketing and redesigning. The redesigned sites are following many trends like to publish sites, entertaining sites, Mobile applications. The eCommerce, Magento, sophify, and WooCommerce on WordPress can have maximum influence in online shops designing.

Responsive Design

Mobile designing is making its own performance in marketing and performance by distributing. But the mobile designing is not equal to desktop advertising.  While we know that responsive design is equally performed in Desktop, Tab, Mobile which is growing its popularity rapidly, it allows online shopping, and marketing and also business with good featured experience.

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Mobile Advertisement

It is not that eCommerce websites are gaining achievement in the advertisement; there are other mobile stores which are advertising their products and their services on mobile devices. Small store owners cannot get in competition with eCommerce store owners, where eCommerce owners reach people through video advertisements, top website advertisements and in many other ways.

Targeting Latest Devices

There are some upcoming devices like Google glasses, Smart Wrist Watches, flexible, smart phones and Flexible laptops. If this becomes popular in coming days, the renders will target these variable devices and start marketing with these ones. Maybe smaller companies or store owners may remain in the same competition.

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Flat Design

You can see this design in Windows 8 and iOS 7 and also in many other websites; this design shows strong effects in color text and with some interesting fonts. This design has much advantage at the present time of showing. It has smaller graphics with heavy design which loads pages fast.

Large Page Content

The web designers and web developers are focusing on the large content that the visitor will have many choices to choose in one content. The developers make the page look attractive, and true this will increase the page popularity. This can be seen in Tumblr and also in Pinterest.

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Persistent Navigation bar

When you scroll down on the page the persistent Navigation bar appears. This is designed for visitor to give more featured experience. It is very trendy in these days and achieve beautiful look. This website is maintained with clutter-free header without finding a hard way to navigate the page.

Custom Design

New eCommerce design trends make their page look more attractive comparing to other websites, they always make their custom icons, custom designing, art, illustration with all specific moods.

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