How To Open The Renovation Market In Australia

24 March of 2015

Although Australia’s renovation market is small compare with other western super powers, the Australians are rich, they are more focus on the quality of life and home renovation, likely to pay more in renovation, so there are many opportunities for your business to open the market in Australia.

How is the market in Australia? In general, there are five categories in Australia’s renovation market: 1\Refrigeration, Heating and Insulation products. 2.Interior accessories 3.Kitchen, bathroom, and laundry Facilities 4.Residential lamp and electronics. 5.Doors, Windows, enamel products.

Construction market flourish driven related industries recovery, especially for renovation industry, so the market in Australia will be very bright.

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How to Open the Market Renovation Market?

1.Optimize your online marketing campaign Australia is high developed country, Internet penetration levels is very high. Everyone use internet to find out the business for their own request. E-commence for renovation industry is not like the normal E-commence, we can call it Internet-enabled businesses. Online advertising combine with offline product display should be very good to try. Whatever you do, the core ideas of this are Aim and core services, we want to use the E-commence to improve nucleus competitive power. For a very good example, Davonne sells Awnings Sydney, they Optimize their website to E-commence friendly, also they design a very useful tool ‘price calculator’ to let the customer to calculate price for themselves, this is very convince to customers and also a very good example to optimize the online marketing campaign.

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1.Attend some Trade show:

Melbourne Hia home show:

Thurs 9 – Sun 12 April 2015 Thurs & Sun 10am – 6pm Friday & Sat 10am – 9pm Melbourne Exhibition Centre 2 Clarendon St, Southbank

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Sydney Hia home show :

Thurs 28 – Sun 31 May 2015 Fri 23 – Sun 25 Oct 2015 Thur, Fri 10am-5pm, Sat, Sun 10am-7pm Sydney Showground Exhibition Centre, Sydney Olympic Park, Homebush. Exhibition catalogues: Renovate Sydney, Build, Kitchens, Bathrooms, Interiors, Outdoors, Plantation shutters Sydney

Brisbane Hia home show :

Friday 28 August 9am – 5pm Saturday 29 August 9am – 5pm Sunday 30 August 9am – 5pm Brisbane Convention

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