How To Do SEO For Website Step By Step

30 April of 2015

Optimizing your website is a key requisite if you want to get a successful web presence online. With the recent changes in the Google algorithm, a proper website SEO has become a necessity and without it your business ceases to perform in the world of web. To cope up with these many new SEO strategies are coming up, but what has never gone out of date are discussed here.

1. Website Analysis

: An SEO audit is the foundation of any website for future success. You should start inspecting website design, on-page issues, backlinks analysis, internal linking, content analysis and other ranking factors. A proper website analysis helps in understanding the status of the website. Going through it helps you get straight to the USP of the business and accordingly it will help you planning the SEO strategy. Moreover, the detailed analysis will help you point out what’s missing in your existing website.

2. Competitor’s Analysis

Website analysis also helps in analyzing competitor’s website that helps to find out what’s lacking in your website. Many a times, a good competitor site helps you get the idea about what a site should contain. Check for the Alexa top sites and Google top sites. As per the penguin and Panda updates recently, there have been a lot of updates in the leading websites. Most of the SEO updates these days are based on target audience. Also the industry type and the scope of SEO process play a major role in competitor’s website analysis. These factors have become important more now than ever before.

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3. Keyword Research 

This is one of the most valuable parts of the website SEO process. The high return of the online business to a great extent depends on the appropriate choice of the keywords. Once you get ranks for the right keywords chosen, you chances of getting visibility increases. Moreover, getting traffic for the right kind of keywords helps you get the highest returns on investment. So , a better research is the By researching your market’s key to success. By researching the top keywords on demand, you can target the right traffic, which increases the chance of conversion to a large extent.

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4. On-page Optimization

Check out if your website contains all that factors that helps increasing the rank of your website. These factors have an effect on your website that boost up the site’s ranking in the leading search engines. These factors help your site get better place in the natural search results. On-page optimization factors are being solely controlled by the site’s coding. The examples of on-page optimization include HTML code, keyword placement, Meta tags and keyword density.

5. Building Quality Backlinks

It helps in getting higher visibility in the Google SERPs and consequently gets higher domain authority. Though building excessive links have been considered as spamming, but a few quality backlinks help you attract a large volume of targeted customers. With informative articles related to the products and services of your business help you build quality backlinks. This way you will get some relevant traffic qualified for quick conversion.

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Social Media

SMO is considered as a major ranking factor to boost website’s rank. So, it is important that your website should have profiles on Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google + etc.  I will analyze your total online presence in order to develop a customized social media program that aligns business goals with audience needs and optimize the profiles accordingly.

So, start exploring these strategies and you will soon get a better rank in the leading search engines.

Author Bio:

Gerald Van Yerxa is the founder of Website Marketing Pros, serve Web design and SEO services in Canada. Gerald loves researching and writing about digital marketing strategies and implementing innovative strategies for his clients.

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