How To Overcome Top 3 Challenges Of A Customer Care Representative?

30 May of 2017

Every company which needs customer care executives to build a healthy relation with their customers. These professionals come into the play after a customer has a made a purchase. A customer care executive is solely dedicated to solving various issues of their customers. With a lot of BPO companies in the country, the availability of customer care jobs in Delhi, Mumbai, Chennai, Kolkatta and other cities is more. On the other hand, industries such as E-commerce, Information Technology (IT), Healthcare, FMGCs also need customer care executives. Maintaining a good relation with customers is a must for every organization to survive in this cut-throat competition in their respective business.

To an exceptional in your profession, you need to be patient and good in communicating with people. You also need to be good in solving problems and passionate about your job. Here, I am going to talk about the 5 major challenges of a customer care representative and how to overcome them.

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Top 3 Challenges Of A Customer Care Representative

Enraged Customers

Handling angry customers is a major issue, some of them even abuse in anger. The worst part is, you as a customer service representative cannot backfire. So what to do now? You need to be patient and shouldn’t lose your temper, that the first thing. Warn your customers if they use foul language with talking to you. Assure them that their problem is going to get solved as soon as possible. If they continue doing it, tell them “I am disconnecting this call if you are not ready to talk properly”. Disconnect the call if they overdo it, and then tell your managers about the issue. Even if customers are angry, you will be in good hands if you’re using some of the most popular phone answering services as they are trained to respond professionally in such situations.

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Night Shifts

Night shifts are one of the biggest problems for customer care executives, especially for women. Firstly, it is unsafe for women to travel at night, not only for them but also for men to some extent. Trains are shut at night and going by private cab costs too much for an executive. For this, companies have come up with a solution, pick and drop service. Many companies provide transport facility to their employees doing night shifts. This makes it more convenient and safe for employees to travel home or reach office safe.

Encounter New Problems

This is a problem is faced mostly by freshers and even experienced employees when a new type of problem pops up. New bees are more likely to panic, which they shouldn’t. Ask them whether you are put their call on hold for sometime? If they say yes, you can ask your team leader or manager to help you out. This is how you can resolve an issue even when you have no idea about it. If the problem is too complicated, transfer your call to the experienced or senior employee.

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So these were the top 3 challenges of a customer care representative. Do you know? Or have come across such customer service problems? If yes, then feel free to write it to us in the comment box below.

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