Samsung Galaxy Tab 5: Latest Android Tablets

24 February of 2015

Samsung is one of the few manufacturers whose products are known for their premium touch, quality and trust. And in the tablet section, Samsung is about to reveal the same with the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 launch.

And now there are rumors that Samsung Galaxy Tab would be based o the Galaxy Tab S that was launched last year. In the case of Galaxy Tab S 10.5 the presence of buttons is justified as at least the Start button, which incorporates a fingerprint reader on the button itself. The disadvantage of this type of buttons is, as mentioned, that force you to use the tablet always in the same position, and we cannot use it upside down or vertically, as it is complicated tapped. But a solution could be found in the next generation Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

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In the latest tablets of the Samsung, in the back there is rear camera only found in the upper central area, which has a metallic look frame is flush with the surface. The camera features a flash, something that is not present in the tablet, but nice try from the Samsung. If you know, in the previous generation tablets of the Galaxy Tab, the flash was absent and still it is not confirmed if the new camera features would be the part of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5 or not.

In the Samsung Galaxy Tab S 10.5 there is a flash feature in the rear-facing camera. And below the camera we can see the Samsung logo in gold capital letters and inscriptions below. The back in this tab is also made of plastic with small perforated points, giving it a sleeker than other tablets with the flat top look. Even with all this remains plastic and not noticeable to the touch. The right side of the tab is occupied with a micro-SD slot hidden under a cover; a micro-USB 2.0 connector (Samsung has not chosen a USB 3.0 connector as in the Galaxy Note Pro) and one of the two sides are speakers. It is fortunate that Samsung has placed the USB connector in this position because it allows continuing using the tablet in landscape mode while charging comfortably. And this approach of the Galaxy Tab S could reappear in the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5.

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As per the revealed concepts of the Samsung Galaxy Tab 5, we would see the side speakers and headphone jack would occupy the left side. The top of the tablet would have the power button, volume controls and an infrared emitter. The screen of the Galaxy Tab 5 would be the greatest strength when compared with other tablets of the similar range as this time Samsung would implement full HD screens. But the final specifications and features would only be observed after the release of Samsung Galaxy Tab 5, which would occur in the couple of months from now.


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