The Easiest Way To Find A Great Pizzeria In Your City

07 July of 2015


Who doesn’t like a good pizza? And especially when it comes to choosing a good pizzeria, it’s no walk in the park. A good pizzeria can be judged on several parameters including the crust, it’s softness and the amount of cheese and crispiness their pizza’s holds, plus the innovation in their taste. Other factors to judge upon includes the ambience, type of dining and what other new services are offered by the restaurant.

Legend has it, the last man who attempted to lay out an accurate map of pizza redemption – Pietro Sorba, a journalist, food critic and food anthropologist ended up adding 8 kg to his already overweight body. He went to around 90 different places integrating 35 of them in his book ‘Pizzerías de Buenos Aires’.

Me and my friends took a day off and decided to embark on the journey of finding the best pizzeria at our place, and we did manage to find one. This place had everything, from great pizzas to fine dining, it was the best from the lot. Though this experience was tiring but we took a lot from it and if anything it just added more to our love for pizza. And for anyone who decides to take on this journey of finding the best pizzeria at their place, prepare yourself, as it is not going to be a joyful ride. With high rising cholesterol levels to wooden benches to sauce stained menus and dusty Moscato bottles, you will have to go through it all. But trust me, it will all be worth.

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Forget about the typical Neapolitan born recipe, you will discover the range and distinctiveness of the taste when you go from one pizzeria to another. Some pizzas will have a spongy or chewy dough while others will be crisp and brimming with mozzarella cheese all over your plate. On general basis you will find 3 main variations of pizza.  You will have, what some restaurants call a fancy pizza, mostly in Italian Style with crunchy crust and superfine dough; the traditional molde, or massa alta, (thick in texture, tall dough) and pizza media masa.

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Usually a couple of slices of Margherita, pizza recipe first invented in Naples – are enough to fill you up for the remaining day. You should look other extensive items on the menu list to try-out from. Try the different type of wines and look for desserts to have after your main course pizza.

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Don’t be fooled by the location and the kind of dining a pizzeria provides, as it doesn’t matter at what location it is, what matters is how good it tastes.

Type of crust and toppings you like differ from person to person, a good crisp and thin crust is what you should look out for as it is the one difficult to find at any restaurant. If you are out of town looking for a good place to have pizza, take suggestions from the locals and try out the places they suggested and decide yourself which pizzeria you would visit if you come again.

At the end you’ll only embrace the journey you took with your friends and remember the pizzeria at which you had the best pizza from the lot.

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