Top 3 Free Cydia Apps For Music

06 January of 2015

People from all around the world decide every day to jailbreak their iPhones. Why do they do it? The answer is pretty simple: they want to get full control over their device, to have the possibility to customize it at its maximum, and to improve their experience with their device. Once a user jailbroke his iPhone, he needs to check Cydia, the best source for cydia apps. The cydia apps are cracked, free, or premium apps for iPhone, iPad, or iPod, that can be used on a jailbroken device. They help users to maximize the potential of their iPhone.

There are many types of cydia apps, but today we will discuss only about the music apps for Cydia. They can help users to increase the music experience, and to enjoy it even more. In order to help you get to know the market and choose the music app that suits your needs, we created a top with the best three cydia apps for music. Here they are:

  1. EZ-Mp3 Player

This app is extremely useful for those who want to access and listen to any free music, straight from the internet. You can enjoy the direct streaming, but also create playlists or choose your favorite tracks so you can listen to them on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod. Because you are actually streaming the music, this app is legal. It comes with some cool features, like a built in radio, 25 radio stations, 22 genres, and a daily updated list with the best 100 songs.

  1. MusicDog

If you are looking for music cydia apps, you must take a look at MusicDog. This app is free and allows users to enjoy music via streaming. You can simply download it from the Cydia store. You will discover a fully functional and intuitive interface, with quality features, and a huge music data base. Just imagine this app is like Spotify, but you have the possibility to play music online and offline, according to your needs. To use it, you will need to register your iPhone, and you are ready to browse for your favorite songs. You can even add them to a playlist, and you can take them with you everywhere, anytime.

  1. dTunes

Our last proposal for music cydia apps is dTunes. This free music app is the equivalent if the iTunes for your iPhone, iPod, or iPad. You can use it to download and play videos and music. The app gives you direct access to videos and music sites, and you can download them directly. dTunes has a built in player as well. To use the app, start searching for your favorite songs, and play it directly, or download them to your device. You can even manage all the songs individually, give them a name, or organize them as you need. And if the app didn’t convince you, we will tell you that dTunes also allows users to watch videos on YouTube and download them to your device.

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