Vacation Rentals and Holiday Homes Real Estate In Goa

06 January of 2015

Goa has been a popular destination for a holiday in India, over the years many have travelled here for long holidays, a few even making Goa a permanent home and a few even visiting every chance they get. An earlier Portuguese colony, Goa is famous for its white sandy beaches and tropical weather. Most plan their vacations by its sandy white shores.

Goa being a low cost holiday destination, many look to spend months vacationing here and looking at vacation rentals or even purchasing their own property in Goa. Although this trend is seen more in the tourism pockets and beach belts, many even looking for a permanent home in Goa’s beautiful sleepy villages.

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Vacation homes and rentals are preferred over a hotel by many Europeans and Russians that visit each year for the summers in Goa. These apartments and villas for rent in Goa are fully furnished and equipped with amenities and luxuries ready for you to move in. Most offerings are two bedroom apartments in the area of 1300 square feet to luxurious villas with 4 bedrooms or more.

The demand from tourists visiting has created quite a demand in the real estate market in Goa as this demand from tourism yields constant rental income and also steady appreciation in the value of the property. Home owners have also converted these residences into serviced apartments to cater to the many that visit each year.

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Apartments in Goa that are by the coastal areas of Calangute, Baga, Anjuna, Vagator and Morjim are preferred investments while shopping for real estate as buyers are aware of the fact that historically prices have never dropped. Real estate developers are also very keen on developing projects in these areas as they are always buyers shopping for real estate in these areas.

Vacation rentals are also available on a weekly and monthly basis and villas for rent are available for a minimum of two nights and three days. The tourist season begins in the month of September and winds up in March. Prices of rentals keep increasing leading towards the peak season. Apartment rentals begin at around $ 350 a month for semi-furnished apartments and can ever rise to $ 170 a day during the peak months of November and December.

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It is a great time to visit Goa as prices for a accommodation aren’t very expensive and has all the makings of a great holiday location. If you are in the market to buy real estate property here, there are plenty of options you can choose from to match all types of prices ranges and budgets.


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