What To Consider When Renting An Apartment In GCC?

11 January of 2018

GCC is a growing region where a lot of new job opportunities are created every day. Over the course of the last two decades, GCC region became a popular destination for youth from everywhere around the world to look for jobs. The surge in number of expats living in GCC’s mega cities like Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Jeddah, Manama, and other energized building and construction activity as more residential units were needed to accommodate a large number of professionals flocking to the region.

If you are looking forward to getting hired in UAE, Bahrain, or Qatar. There are a couple of matters you should research since these are totally different and unique communities. The way of renting an apartment or a house, in general, is one of the most important issues to put in mind.

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We gathered here a number of the main things you should consider before renting an apartment in the GCC region.

1- House location

Translation means aren’t that sophisticated in most GCC states. They don’t cover all areas as most residents have their own private vehicles. So, don’t depend on public transportation when considering your house location as daily commute could easily be pure torture. It’s better to find a place near your work. This is very easy to check, you can find helpful online real estate website in Bahrain or Kuwait or whatever the GCC country you are planning to hit. These websites have a large number of listed apartments varying in location and specification. They are picked by professional real estate consultants to meet property finders’ needs.

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2- Check your options

You can easily get lured by the first option you find online or by the option suggested by a friend or connection. This is not a wise thing to do, it’s better to study the available options, compare between them, run a thorough research on the status of each option, then make up your mind. Not all apartments will have the amenities you want, also some apartments look different from images on the internet, they give totally different impression when checked on reality. So, it’s better to pay a visit to your potential house before signing the contract.

3- Check the ACs

Weather is always scorching in GCC, especially during summer. Sun blazes most days of the year which makes ACs very integral. Offices, cars, houses, and public areas, they are all air-conditioned. It’s better to check the installed ACs in your potential house, get a professional to run a checkup in order to ensure that all devices run seamlessly so that your house could be habitable.

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4- Negotiate the price

All featured rents aren’t final, they are still negotiable. Arguing about the price could give you a nice cut in price, maybe 5% or even 10%. It’s better for you to set a certain budget, find out how much you can afford before running the property search. Sometimes, you might be forced to compromise for a good location or more amenities, but make sure it is totally worth it.


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