Why Should You Use WordPress For Your Site?

28 October of 2014

If you are planning to make a website, there’s one CMS or Content Management System that everyone can use, WordPress. The CMS was first launched in the year 2003. Then it was seen as a fairly simple and capable CMS, particularly for blogging purposes.

Until very recently, WordPress was considered to be a mere CMS only for blogs; thus, designers used Drupal and Joomla for other types of sites. However, that thought has changed now. Today, WordPress is considered to be an apt CMS that can act as a strong backbone for all kinds of sites. In fact, these days, it is used by big names like CNN, Forbes and Samsung. If you want to see it for yourself, just look at some of the advanced themes available for WordPress to see how much it can do.

Here are the top ten reasons why you should always use WordPress:

  • WordPress is Full of Standard Features

WordPress may have retained ease-of-use for all these years, but there is no denying the fact that the CMS has grown exponentially in years. Media handling and menu configuration are two great examples of things that have steadily got more enhanced with no compromise in usability.

With wise improvements in its new versions, it can be said that WordPress has truly evolved into a competent CMS for all types of sites, and not merely as a blogging platform.

  • The Learning Curve is Perfect

Creating a post and uploading images is so simple with WordPress, that even technophobes can use it without being intimidated in any way.

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However, at the same time, there are loads of functionality that the CMS has got to offer. With WordPress, it is very easy to ignore things that you do not understand, and then gradually learn more about them. However, such flexibility is not afforded by Drupal and Joomla. It is quite easy to use the basics, however, when you go for the advanced functionalities, things become too complicated. WordPress, on the other hand, can be used not being a geek.

  • The Selection of Theme is as Good as it gets

There are several thousands of good WordPress themes, many of which come free of cost. Some of the premium themes work essentially like web design development kits, which allow you to create sites that look world-class at a very reasonable price.

  • Monetizing is Easy with WordPress

It does not matter if you are selling products directly from your website, or monetizing with advertisements and affiliate offers, WordPress makes all of it very easy.

Using eCommerce and widgets, ads can be inserted very easily, and its range of plug-in like the well-known WooCommerce can be handled without any problem.

  • You can get Some Great Plug-ins

There are some superb WordPress plug-ins can that be used for adding various features to a WordPress website.

You can easily find a free plug-in that can be used to do things in a neat and precise manner. Moreover, you can download free plug-ins, install and configure them in a matter of a few minutes.

  • Updates are Readily Available
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Thanks to the popularity of WordPress, work on the platform never really stops. This may feel like being constantly on the go for keeping up with the updates, but it also makes for a system that is constantly improving and evolving, with new functions being added every now and then.

  • Support is Impeccable

As it is expected from a well-known platform, WordPress’ support community is huge and active. Apart from the committed WordPress support resources, there are several third-party forums and many others options which can be used for assistance. No matter what question you have, you can be sure somebody somewhere has already answered it.

  • SEO is Easy with WordPress

WordPress is naturally friendly with SEO. This is because of its ability to generate URLs which are search-friendly. Besides, with a few plug-ins, like All-in-One SEO pack and Google XML Site Map, you can easily do quality SEO, giving your website the best chance to get to the top of the SERPs.

Besides, it is very easy to integrate plug-ins with social networks, and a site made with WordPress can perform very well, as far as SEO is concerned, that too with minimal effort.

  • WordPress is Inexpensive

If you want to make a site within a restricted budget, then WordPress is the answer for you. Even with the addition of a package of hosting and premium theme, you are still looking to spend less money to get a good WordPress website up and running.

  • WordPress is Ready for the Mobile Web

If you think that all your customers are visiting your site from a desktop computer, then, think again. Thanks to the emergence of smartphones, most people these days surf the internet through their phones. So, if you have a site that is not friendly to the smartphone users then you are invariably losing out on customers.

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There are several WordPress themes which are designed to be responsive, which means that your customers won’t have to go through the tedious process of zooming in and out, and scrolling. The dashboard of WordPress is designed for smartphones.

  • WordPress is Mature

WordPress has been there for over ten years. During the past decade, the CMS has been much refined, tested and improved. In this process, WordPress has evolved into a quality web publishing system that is used by designers across the whole wide world.

  • No FTP Software or HTML Editing is needed for WordPress

WordPress is an essentially self-contained CMS that does not require FTP software or HTML editing in any way. You can create a blog post or a page, upload images, format text, upload video files and documents, etc., in any browser without having to use FTP software or HTML.

So, you see WordPress is a great CMS to use. The advantages discussed above is only a few, the CMS offers many other benefits. Use WordPress to find them out yourself.

Author’s bio: Samantha Joseph has been web designing since the past 10 years. It is only recently that she took to blogging as well. In order to find more about her click here


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