Worldwide Exposure – How A Virtual Office Can Help Bolster Your Business’ Global Presence

23 September of 2016

The presence of a business is of paramount importance, and is akin to product quality or sales numbers when it comes to how much interest a business should have in it. A business with little-to-no presence can have the greatest product in the world and will still not make the sales a competitor will make on an inferior product with greater presence.

A business’ presence is how it is seen by the world, and how often it is seen by it’s target market, and as such it directly contributes to the number of sales reached overall. Achieving a global presence, therefore, is a goal many businesses share, and while it takes a lot of work and many years, it is the best way to reach the widest audience possible. But how to do it is a question many people never manage to find the answer to, and it begs the follow-up question – where to start?

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Firstly, a global presence is initiated by organising tests for the product on small scales in different countries, to see how it would sell without committing huge amounts of money to a potential failure. Market research makes this step easier, and allows you to avoid attempting to sell, for instance, high end racing cars in small developing countries without roads. That is an extreme example, but a better one could be whether or not it would be viable to market high grade sunscreen (like that found in Australia, a country found directly beneath a hole in the ozone layer) to countries with medium strength UV light in summer. The waters are less clear in such a scenario, as some people will certainly buy your sunscreen for added protection, but will enough people buy it to offset the costs of shipping and licensing and finding distributors?

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The second, and arguably most important step, is to find distributors and business partners once your product has proven to sell overseas. This is where you can make use of a virtual office space to great effect. Let’s say you have 5 business meetings over two weeks, one in Rome, one in Venice, one in Paris, one in Barcelona and one in New York. There isn’t any way to have private offices available to you in each of those cities unless your potential business partners have their own headquarters, and even then you will likely be less impressive when attempting to sell them your product in their building.

Virtual offices are physical office spaces set up in major cities around the world to be used by people who have rented them for low rates for as little as a month at a time. They have receptionists, fully furnished waiting areas and board rooms, as well as phone answering services for if your potential business partners call ahead. All of this adds up to an impressive place to pitch your tried and tested product to your future distributors, allowing you to break into overseas markets and land on the world stage without needing to set up a permanent office space in each and every city.

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These are only the beginning steps of a long and complex journey to perfect global presence, and not every business will make it, but with the opportunities afforded to modern businesses, the world stage has never been so accessible before, and paying a visit to will give you access to virtual offices for use in your global presence quest in over 152 locations that span the entire world.


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